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Volkswagen Derby

Volkswagen Derby

The Volkswagen Derby is a saloon version of the Volkswagen Polo supermini, produced by the German automaker Volkswagen between 1977 and 1981.

During 1981 Volkswagen introduced the second generation Polo and the second generation Derby, in 1984 the Derby name was dropped and the saloon version of the Polo became the Polo Classic. Most parts of the Derby are interchangeable with the MK1 Polo, and all technical parts (engine, brakes etc) are mostly compatible with the MK2 models. Body parts at the rear are different also the rear window is different (wider) the rear bumper only fits the MK1 model and is not interchangeable with the MK2 or the MK1 Volkswagen Polo. lights are the same as the MK1 Polo and Audi 50.

In Europe, the Derby was available with 1.1-litre (1096cc) and 1.3-litre (1296cc) 4-cylinder engines, badged as 1100 and 1300 respectively.

The following versions were available:

* 1100 LS
* 1100 LX
* 1100 CLS
* 1300 LS
* 1300 GL
* 1300 GLS

From 1984, the Polo Classic replaced it, and the Derby name would not re-appear until 1997 in South America.
Source: wikipedia

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