Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2009 Chevrolet Camaro Review

2009 Chevrolet Camaro
We are all excited to see the official 2009 Camaro up close and in person – but we never thought that anyone would actually get emotionally attached to it. It seems though that Bob Lutz – GM’s Vice chairman – was so excited to see the first fully finished prototype that he literally “ran over to it, and hugged it”.

“I have the photo to prove it — but of course we can’t show it to you just yet,” Lutz said. “Seeing his beloved Chevrolet Camaro as a real car…in near-final metal, glass, rubber and plastic…transformed from a visionary dream into a highly drivable reality…well, it was almost too much for him,” Lutz said of Welburn.

Lutz was also excited that he was the first one to drive it. “I got to drive it first, not only because ‘rank has its privileges,’ but because I didn’t want anyone stuffing it into a barrier before I got to drive.” He was able to give us a little insight of how well the car performs.

“I loved the response, the sound, the steering and the brakes,” he said. “There’s more work to be done, for sure, and the group knows it. They still have time for further development. The goal of the team led by Gene Stefanyshyn is to produce the finest car in its class, ever. Do I think they will get there? I wouldn’t bet against that team!”

He also noted that the Camaro prototype “looked as awesome as the concept, and the blotchy black/white camo scheme could not destroy the great stance and proportion.” Lutz also noted that quality levels appear to be high. “The body fits were already better than what came off the line a few years ago,” he wrote. “The interior had some handmade plastic parts and showed some gaps but was remarkable for the first car.”

We say congrats to the happy Lutz for getting the first drive and we envy his time with the expectant vehicle. Maybe soon we can get our chance behind the wheel and feel its addictive power.
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