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2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid Review

2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid

The GS 450 Hybrid is an environmentally friendly luxury sedan that also delivers exceptional performance, attractive styling and a wealth of technological comfort and safety features. However, headroom can be tight for taller riders and the hybrid powertrain adds a substantial amount to the cost. If you're in the market for a large luxury sedan, you should also consider the class-leading BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes E-Class sedans, and if you are looking for a hybrid, take a look at our list of available Hybrid Vehicles.

The 2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid fuses eco-friendly power and fuel economy with luxury sports sedan performance and lots of technology. Edmunds credits the GS 450 Hybrid for taking "an important step forward in the use of hybrid technology to achieve a new level of driving pleasure." The Lexus was awarded IntelliChoice "Best in Class" winner for both Lowest Fuel Costs and for Lowest Operating Costs. Forbes calls the GS 450 Hybrid "a luxury sedan with an environmental heart that powers through turns and breaks new ground at the same time."

On balance, most test drivers admire the 2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid for its smooth, powerful acceleration both from a stop and during highway passing, noting that the technology in the car is impressive from almost every angle. Automobile Magazine calls the GS 450 Hybrid "a technological tour de force." Auto writers from Car and Driver compliment the Hybrid's "uptown interior, user-friendly secondary controls," and delivery on the "performance-hybrid promise." "It delivers a big dose of performance, it's quiet, it's as comfortable as you would expect of a Lexus and it has all the environmentally friendly qualities for which people buy hybrids," says Kelley Blue Book, adding that "if you want the quality, luxury and prestige of a Lexus, and you want to be in front of the crowd in performance, technology and environmental awareness, the GS 450h is for you."

The Lexus adds luxury and performance in its hybrid pricing, which auto writers generally find somewhat expensive. However, BusinessWeek notes that "one of the other ways in which the GS 450h differs from most hybrids is that its sticker price is not exponentially larger than that of the fuel-injected base model," adding that " Lexus has been very clever about the way the car is priced. The GS 450h not only comes with the hybrid power plant at that price but includes a lot of gear that costs extra on the GS 430." In fact, some reviewers note that the luxury and performance found in the GS 450 Hybrid makes it a viable alternative to the V8-equipped Lexus GS 430. MSN concludes that "if you can handle the price, the new Lexus hybrid offers the best blend of GS power, performance, luxury and environmental efficiency." IntelliChoice gives the GS 450 Hybrid a value rating of "excellent" for its predicted five-year cost of ownership compared to other vehicles in its class.

Auto reviewers agree, the Lexus GS 450 Hybrid is not solely about fuel efficiency, it also delivers impressive performance and luxury, comparable to other sport and luxury sedans. "Driving the GS 450h is a joy," cites Forbes.

The 2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid exterior is attractive and striking. Similar in body to its sister model, the non-hybrid 2007 Lexus GS, the GS 450 Hybrid has a few notable differences. Kelley Blue Book reports that the 2007 Lexus GS Hybrid "has a smooth and sleek shape, with an arching roofline, high belt line and long hood." Continue with Full Exterior Review.

Reviewers generally agree, the GS 450 Hybrid interior is almost flawlessly designed, with comfort, tech features and attention to detail. Although the seating is noted as comfortable for four to five adults, many test drivers conclude that for taller occupants, the headroom in the front seat may be an issue, and that the back seat can be somewhat tight and restrictive.

The GS 450 Hybrid is regarded by auto writers as a safe luxury sedan, protecting drivers and passengers with a long list of advanced and sophisticated safety-enhancing systems. The Detroit News calls the Lexus "world-class" with safety features and CNET also notes its "impressive lineup of advanced safety systems.

We are still compiling data for the predicted reliability of the 2007 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid. Lexus also offers warranty coverage on all of its cars, including a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty. Continue with Full Reliability Review.
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