Friday, January 25, 2008

2010 Ford Mustang Spy Shots

ford mustang spy shotsford mustang spy shots
Brenda Priddy's man about the D-town happened upon yet another caravan of anti-spy photographer clad 2010 Ford Mustang test units, and this time he managed to sidle up alongside for an interior shot of the next-gen pony car. Full spy report from the Brenda's quick-to-snap shooter after the jump, and a blown-up picture of the interior can be found there as well.

Interior and More....

There have been a caravan of Mustangs out and about lately, and our man-about-Detroit had orders to get interior shots. But it wasn't as easy as it may seem:

All the cars were being driven.
The sun was in an awful spot.
And the interior is covered nearly as good as the exterior!

But these are the first interior shots of the 2009 Mustang - and enthusiasts will likely be magnifying every detail.
In addition - our shooter caught some revealing glances at both the headlamps and taillights.
Source: jalopnik

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