Monday, October 27, 2008

New Mazda 2 Review

New Mazda 2

The problem with today’s crop of small cars is that they aren’t actually very small.

There’s nothing wrong with that apart from the fact that they also come with the penalty of weight. On the plus side they are spacious and solid but it comes at a price – namely performance and economy.

If the engine remains small and the load rises then the motor will have to be thrashed to make reasonable progress and fuel economy drops as a result. But Mazda has come up with a cunning plan and by making the all-new 2 as light as a soufflé has managed to retain the peppy nature of the little car mark.

Small cars have their place in life scooting from A to B in a cute and attractive fashion. Congestion and parking problems are part of the daily grind so the ideal small car will be nippy and easy to manoeuvre – which Mazda 2 is.

Two 1.3 litre petrols offer 75PS or 86PS respectively. Then there’s a more sprightly still 1.5 with 103PS on tap and an oil burning 1.4 litre diesel with 68PS but more importantly 160Nm of torque at a lowly 2,000rpm to kick you in the back. Couple this with an aerated sub-1,000kg weight and you have a little car that is ready to dash. The improved performance reflects a change in target audience. The old Mazda2 was driven by more mature citizens who liked its upright stance and practical nature. But that car was never going to appeal to the kids.

New Mazda 2 is designed to appeal to youngsters and comes complete with funky styling, groovy interior and vibrant colour schemes. There's plenty of room inside to take your mates and a decent boot for young people's paraphernalia. There's even a socket for your iPod and overall the car has a fun feel about it that will appeal to buyers. Older customers will have to get with-it or upgrade to a Mazda 3.

Top spec models get steering wheel mounted controls for the trip computer, cruise control and the hi-fi so there’s no need to even take the your hands off the wheel while you are thumping a beat to the latest sounds – big respec...

Young people are also more aware of their carbon footprints and will be delighted by the car’s low emissions and 50mpg fuel consumption. The all-new Mazda 2 represents a positive shift in appeal to a younger more style conscious market. It can't fail to grow in popularity and stature – but thankfully not in weight.

Source: French and Lamming Media

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