Friday, November 16, 2007

The most female cars of 2007 are named

In what for the lady the main similarity of the car and the man? The answer is obvious: women choose both especially carefully and captiously. Besides it is necessary to recognise, that unlike men, the car - the companion obedient, and in its fidelity it is possible to be 100 % assured on all. And if on a question "What men are loved by women?" For all history of mankind so anybody precisely also has not answered to tell, what cars are preferred by the most magnificent women of the world, quite really.

To learn, at last, what iron horses instead of the presents white live in hearts and garages of the modern women, known consulting company J.D.Power has carried out research in which course has found out, what cars were bought by women more often in 2007. Simultaneously by employees of the company it has been found out, what cars became the most popular this year at men, but it at present not so is important. We will tell only, that arguing on a distinction theme between floors, keep in mind, that if the "most man's" car had appeared Audi RS4 "most female" is Volvo S40.

The most female cars of 2007 are named. Research, naturally, passed in territory of the USA, however by its results it is possible to judge the general tendency safely. For anybody not a secret, that men choose to themselves the car heart, and women a head. In top-10 female cars which was made by Americans from J.D.Power and Associates, any has not got sport penalties. Instead of them there there were the sensitive, manageable automobile and small jeeps placing emphasis on safety, quality, reliability and the price.

The most female cars of 2007 are named. Certainly, it is impossible to assert, that all women are afraid of fast driving, however what love, the exception of a rule is faster. But reliable Swedish machines Volvo as it was found out, excite imagination not one million modern women. Except S40, taken of an in the lead position with an indicator of 53 % on quantity of acquisitions by women, versatile person V50 and sedan S60 have got on 7 and 9 places accordingly. Thus, Volvo became the most popular luxury-brand at women.

The most female cars of 2007 are named. The second luxury-brand became Japanese Lexus. If Volvo associates with safety Lexus is a synonym of quality and reliability. Two models of this mark have got on 3 place (IS 250 has got 47,7 % of women) and 6 (RX has liked 46,9 %). Lexus 7th year admits the most sold luxury-brand America successively. At women of model RX it is possible to explain popularity convenience of the car to family using.

Silver in top-10 took Jaguar X-Type, the big half of sold which cars has got to women (51,2 %). To the list also have got Mersedes-Benz a class "C" (47,2 %) and BMW X3 (44,6 %). 4 and 8 positions in a rating have occupied cars of mark Acura (North American division of concern Honda), but in Russia officially they are not on sale.

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