Friday, March 14, 2008

Ford Focus RS Concept

Ford Focus RS

We have heard the confirmation of a Ford Focus RS model, and we saw the teaser pics floating around. But do we have the specs, we have something to do on the physical, a tyre wire, a steering wheel, nothing? Nope. We have this photograph. Over the teaser image of those who have already been published.

London Motor Show in July is the place to be if you want the full detail. Of course, some time before the FMC would then have provided technical specifications, as usual. But for the moment, we must rely on the crumbs thrown down from engineering insiders "at the table as the first Ford Focus RS will not be front-wheel drive but 4WD-driven. This fact alone is probably sufficient to make a Mazda3 MPS rival over a Subaru STI enemy. But wait, that's not all. It looks like we are going to come in at less than 300 hp - 280 bhp speculate on it! It's much, but still, the scene STI 300 horses on the back, with an additional 8 horses just in case.

TA obviously makes sense to approximately 320 bhp where 4WD should be used. Otherwise, you can paste the rear-wheel-motor engines. We hope that 4WD and magical, more than 300 horses from the 2.5-litre turbo, and there is still time to make the necessary changes before the RS hits the market.

Source: TopGear

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Jake said...

Wow... This Focus is really awesome! Love the new look.. A really better focus than the previous model... :)

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