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Tires - the main novelties of summer 2008

summer tiresDespite constant temperature fatter, motorists could already afford to replace winter tires for the summer. Someone of them will not chase for the fashion and put the old wheel, but someone certainly interested in the latest innovations. And interest can be as careless, and well justified, it has a habit of summer tires wear out much faster than snow. Overall, the reason for the interest is not significant, far more important than the fact that in 2008 any demand likely will be granted. Even supporters of environmental annoying rai'n find a tyre, which is ecologically pure and that it can, if desired, be painted green and give it a name Greenpeace.

Let's begin, perhaps, with a curtsy to the category of tires for off-road vehicles. Still, their main season is just ending, so that podslastim zhelezkam pill and open the hit parade of their forces. Naturally, this is not a car, but a class roadsters, which are most relevant in the winter and spring. It is for them and Nokian Tyres company released a new summer tyre Hakka SUV. The main thrust of the tires - apparently not even with perfect asphalt highway which are a mixture of permanent pothole, gravel, sand and even places. The peculiarity of Hakka SUV is a new rubber mixture, double uplotnitelnom ring in the contact area on the disk, as well as protection from jams in the small stones slat tread. Among other things, the tyres and still has a very low rolling resistance, and allowing for a bit to save fuel.

Toyo Proxes R1R
Also chosen for a new season of the Fire and warned Bridgestone, which launched a new model Dueler A/T 695 specifically for the SUV. Innovation has traditionally referred improving water abstraction from the contact spot. Also won coupling properties, which, thanks to the new rubber mixture and an updated tread should noticeably improve. But no matter how hrabrilis SUV drivers, but with the advent of spring creeks their optimum time starts as quickly as are melting snowdrifts in the streets. So when the asphalt dries completely, then the time comes to fast cars, which tend to try and master of the wire industry.

Same meaningful summer season premiere-2008 can be considered a new work of art is the leader of the world tire industry, Goodyear company. The name of this tires Eagle F1 Asymmetric and, as you can guess from the title, is a direct descendant of premium Eagle F1 tires. Unlike predecessor, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric has increasingly used an asymmetrical pattern. Compared with the previous version of the tire is a high level of acoustic comfort, excellent handling both on dry or wet on the road. It has high-speed indexes W and Y (270 km / h and 300 km/h respectively), and is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 diameter. Shin Eagle F1 Asymmetric certainly will like the owners of fast cars and with a high degree of probability takes pleasure of management in all types of weather.

Goodyear followed for correctly located another novelty from the Finnish Nokian company, which agreed to go into production summer tires. This zeal became tires Nokian Hakka Z. This is a high-speed tire to operate in poor weather and road conditions, to be perfectly suitable for Russia. Generally Finns apparently deepened in the manufacture of tires for the heinous roads that clearly indicates their interest in the Russian buyer. In the tyres used the now well in the other tyre ruler Hakka technology river / creek, allowing contact to give a spot up to 43 litres of water per second. And with the rubber mixture Nordic Cool UHP Silica and curvature of the tire tread is not backtracking in different climatic conditions. Hakka Z comes with indexes speed W and Y.

Not obdelim emphasis, and the Japanese company Toyo, which is a supplier of tires for Japanese automakers. This year, their novelty is called DRB. The main feature of these traditional tires - low weight and good striking design. Focus on these tires fast sports cars. The Company is a novelty that was Toyo Proxes R1R model, which is positioned as tires for sedans. The main feature - arrow pattern, which means that in the rain at these tires, you will feel more confident. Broad spot contact improves manageability and attached tyre aggressive appearance.

The European branch of the company Dunlop, a member of Concern Goodyear in 2008 represents a tyre middle class SP Sport FastResponse. Shin is also now a fashionable asymmetrical pattern, has a good exchange rate stability and behaves quite confidently on the wet road. Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse is available in most popular sizes of 14 to 17 diameter and especially recommended for middle-class cars.

Other news from the same company are fancy names Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 and SP Sport 600. First adapted for aggressive driving style. They are designed with a pattern of peripheral grooves Water, and the wide profile to increase the contact spot. Direzza Sport Z1 created just for sports cars, as we understand clearly give the title of tires.

As for the summer Dunlop SP Sport 600, then again, there is an asymmetrical pattern, seasoned with large shoulder blocks on the outside, which allows better control car overtaking. Tires Dunlop SP Sport 600 provide excellent handling and exchange rate stability at high speeds. Tires are designed and manufactured in Japan.

And finally do not forget about sverhmodnoy environmental hysteria, which is not indifferent, and left the company Dunlop, which is the summer season - 2008 introduced a novelty Dunlop Enasave97. These tires are really unique, as a 97% consist of natural materials, thus reducing wear when they release harmful substances splashes at 94%. As for the embezzlement oil reserves, then replace them for the production of hard expend synthetic and natural rubber, which allows a mixture shinnikam improve the deformation resistance. Tires Dunlop Enasave97 well cling to the road and have low rolling resistance.

Overall, this season is to draw attention to that. While many world leaders tire industry is not yet "shot" novelties this season, their products will still remain valid and will occupy a worthy place in the ratings sales. In the group leaders, without a doubt, is expected Michelin Primacy HP and Pilot Exalto PE2, Continental SportContact3 and EcoContact3, Yokohama Advan, as well as other famous tyre manufacturers. Keep in mind that the savings on tyre likely problems can haunt you on the road.

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