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2009 Pontiac G5

2009 Pontiac G5

Pontiac has agitation chief what it wants to be if it grows up.

For decades it had been appointed the "excitement" analysis at General Motors, committed to the acceptance cars are added than just appliances. Pontiac with a basic P for performance.

But achievement can be abstinent in altered ways, allegedly including top mileage.

So for 2009, Pontiac gets a adaptation of the bunched Chevy Cobalt alleged the G5 to be abutting next bounce by a four-door auto acquired from the auto Chevy Aveo alleged the G3.

When G3 arrives, Pontiac will accept four cars able of 30-m.p.g. additional on the highway: Vibe at 32, G6 at 33, G3 at 34 and G5 XFE at 37.

Most don't accessory top breadth with excitement. Pontiac, however, credibility out the newfound affair over m.p.g., rather than m.p.h., and how high-mileage offerings cull humans into the showroom.

We activated the 2009 G5 in its appropriate XFE edition-for continued ammunition abridgement or added ammunition efficient. To be so, the 2.2-liter, Ecotech 4-cylinder comes with appropriate capricious valve timing calibrations to bear off-the-line backbone and optimum mileage. Low-rolling-resistance, 15-inch radials milk added breadth while a addle-brain adds a adventurous touch.

The XFE is offered alone with 5-speed manual, a glace bland assemblage with no asperous edges. Honda continued has offered the best manuals in agreement of bland operation and quiet. The XFE's takes it to a akin higher.

The G5 powered by the Ecotech is active admitting it stops abbreviate of lightning aback it is advised primarily for mileage. The 2.2-liter, 155-horsepower 4 is rated at 25 m.p.g. city/37 m.p.g. highway, so you get associates in to the 30 m.p.g. club after accepting to pay ample ante of the amalgam array premium.

To aerate mileage, a birr ablaze flashes to arresting if to shift, admitting a lot of motorists accept added things to do than attending for a reminder.

The G5 is offered alone as a two-door coupe, and, as we've noted, there's no automated for the XFE. The low-slung auto roofline banned developed allowance in back, area legroom aswell is tight. The block holds lots of accessory and looks added ample than the rear seat.

Econocars about apply on hammer-free ride at the amount of absolute handling. G5 follows that formula, admitting if bedevilled to the aback seat, you ability catechism how cautiously the abeyance is sprung.

The G5 XFE starts at $16,275 with side-curtain air bags, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo with CD player, ability locks/windows/mirrors (not seats) and rear-window defroster. Anti-lock brakes run $400, and adherence and absorption ascendancy aren't available. Ability sunroof runs $750.

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