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2007 Suzuki SX4 Review

2007 Suzuki SX4

It is not a hybrid, it's not a Scion, and it is not a plush toy. This is a Suzuki SX4, but it looks like it may have started life as any one of those three. Instead, what you see here is the least expensive all-wheel drive car in America, which means that the power to all four wheels is no longer the exclusive province of the birth of the well-off and wristed thin. Of course, the small-Giugiaro designed hatchback (which is also sold in Europe as the Fiat Sedici) is inexpensive, about $ 15000, but that's not its only advantage. It is a discount in the Subaru Impreza and driving pleasure.

That's a bold statement to make, but if you can forget the car is relatively bleak fuel economy (23 miles per gallon in the city, but a test drive can make heroic to the average well below 20 mpg), it is quite true. The SX4 a snappy feel-tight steering and responsive to the holding of a dividing line on a ramp or cutting through traffic. It goes like swimming sperm. Its five-speed shifter proletariat is perfect. And it responds to changes in the weight transfer of a small car should easily and without much fanfare.

Although all-wheel drive system does not act as a real contributor in the implementation process, as in an Audi or Subaru, it is available for adverse conditions when a driver does not want to lock the differential in place until at 50 -50 Splitting up front to back. Otherwise, and at speeds of over 36 miles per hour, it is generally 95 percent front-wheel-drive-biased TI in normal mode, or entirely 2WD mode. The small switch is located between the front seats, next to the handbrake. The best fuel economy can be found in 2WD mode, but of course, you carry the weight of the system around all the time, whatever your schedule rallying. Purchasers of the Suzuki should not expect a fuel-efficient city car. They should expect a major greenhouse revver than necessary with all-wheel drive capability. At more than 2800 pounds, the SX4 is hundreds of pounds heavier than a Ford Focus or Nissan Versa. But if this issue if it contributes to the stability of the car? A philosophical question and macroeconomic (please, stay with me) should be: if Suzuki can offer all-wheel drive for less than $ 15000, should not everybody?
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