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2008 Ford Kuga

2008 Ford Kuga

The all-new Ford Kuga of Europe is the first entry into the highly competitive market liaison and promised a mixture of rewarding driving on road and the surprising quality off-road capability. The genesis of Kuga was first seen in the dramatic iosis X Concept vehicle that made its debut at motor show in Paris 2006. John Fleming, president of the company and general manager of Ford confirmed that Europe is developing a production vehicle inspired by the iosis Concept X to start within two years.

At Frankfurt Show 2007, Ford has demonstrated that commitment would soon become a reality with a preview of the production model. Marking its importance as a new direction for Ford of Europe, the new model has its own name, Kuga Ford was born and destined to join the Ford portfolio model in Europe during the first half of 2008.

"With the new Ford Kuga we hold the promise we made in 2006 in Paris, and providing a very capable, charismatic and expressive vehicle that will expand the range of models Ford further," said John Fleming. "I firmly believe Kuga will use many of the faithful Ford customers looking for something a little different, but will also be able to repeat the success of the S-MAX by adding new customers for the Ford brand. A distinctive "kinetic design 'outside acclaimed Ford on the road vehicle dynamics and premium-like product quality are some of the highlights Kuga bring to the rapid growth of this market segment."

The new Ford shameless Kuga is based on the famous Ford C-drive architecture - well proven in both the Ford and the Ford Focus C-MAX.

"We have created a portfolio of use as a basis for technology and our initiative within Ford Motor Company allows us more possibilities for the development of niche vehicles like Kruger," said Gunnar Herrmann, C-Car Vehicle Line Director Ford of Europe.

Available with a proven engine, and two levels of the series full-time intelligent Haldex AWD system is supplemented by a front-wheel-drive (FWD) version, which is perfect for drivers who are attracted by the style and the presence of Kruger, but do not require IT capacity. The Ford Kuga is available in a choice of two distinct levels series with more options available which allow the driver to customize the car exactly to their needs. The standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Combined Anti Rollover Mitigation (ARM), and ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD) are two of the importance of assistive technologies to conduct the new Kuga.

The elegant and charismatic Kuga is a further demonstration of the new leadership of Ford of Europe's products are taking. The fresh and modern style is the starting point with the bottom of the car style corresponding to that promise. This is made by the leading driving dynamics, a strong and competent security pedigree, and crafts of high quality and a competitive package crossover. A large seat, the option intelligent IT and large volumes of storage make Kuga very attractive.

"Kuga arrival will raise the bar in the segment liaison," said Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe's vice president of marketing, sales and service. "Our 'kinetic design" style of the coach gave a great personality This gives them enormous showroom appeal to potential customers. "

A carefully selected range of ten body colours are available for Kuga. A specially developed and brand new metallic color - Chill - is available for both sets Kuga options and choices in the car. As a reflection of its roots iosis Concept X Kuga of production is available in two shades of white; Frozen White, and a brand new metallic White Electric. This was first colour visible on the car iosis Concept X and the pre-production Kuga shown in Frankfurt. The Kuga is the first production model Ford of Europe to use White Electric specialist who uses an application method.

The exterior design features Kuga naturally integrate a wealth of practical sense, which provides much of the encounter for the first time the eye. The tailgate to tailgate 'tailgate offers maximum flexibility and comfort with independent access through micro switches or the upper section of the tailgate or only two sections at the same time.

The materials chosen for the interior Kuga also demonstrate the close links with X iosis Concept. The catch Kuga and sumptuous interior incorporates fine leathers and shiny finishes on key areas that were first seen on the X iosis Concept car in white piano, but now have a choice of colors depending on the range selected. Color matching details of the interior design and integrated trim colors emphasize the dashboard and door fittings, which creates a comprehensive, unified design look headed by the quality and premium sportsmanship.

Kuga offers comfortable and spacious seat up to five adults. The second row of seats is split 60/40 and has been designed to fold completely flat to maximize the usefulness of the load compartment available in a two-seat mode. Underseat storage is a typical practice in the second row with more storage under the floor of the luggage compartment region which is divided into compartments for maximum convenience.

A luggage compartment threshold aid up to 758mm, loading heavy objects in the car. The Kruger is a generous luggage capacity of 1355 litres in the mode where two seats, while the baggage compartment closed, reaching a volume of 360 litres.

The Kuga offers customers two rounds; Trend and Titanium. These have been developed to provide a range of choices for a well-equipped fresh and colorful series - Trend - and the modern, techno-prime feel titanium.

Trend in Titanium series offer customers a wide range of equipment, technology and design options. They also provide a solid platform for further customization and points to adapt the car exactly to the needs of each client. These needs are satisfied and further enhanced by the provision of dedicated packages that provide additional protection, transportation, stowage, and after-styling products.

The Ford Kuga characteristics of certain technologies featured on the first Ford in the large luxury segment - and most recently seen on the new generation of Ford Focus - while providing new features for the discussion and Ford of Europe portfolio the first time as a "Hayon hatchback 'tailgate.

The Kuga will be available with a 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi 136 hp 100kW engine mated to a six-speed manual. Applicable to both intelligent and TA TI derivatives torque, performance and engine power under all conditions of loading and were perfectly calibrated to the new Ford Kuga. This engine offers a high level of torque - 320 Nm at 2000rpm and 340 Nm in transient overboost. TA IT and intelligent variations favorable return fuel economy figures of 6.3 and 6.4 litres of fuel per 100 km, respectively, using the figures for the combined fuel consumption. The TI intelligent figure of 169 g / km CO2 is first class.

"Kruger has a 'can-do' attitude and 'go-anywhere ability of the drive and plays his role perfectly." Said Herrmann.

The Ford Kuga was designed for the first class, on-road and dynamics of exceptional off-road driving capabilities to expand the use of leisure time.

Using proven and established Ford C-car components and technology as a solid foundation, the Ford engineers tailored, relevant and calibrated each component and aspect of the ride and handling to ensure Kuga blue oval door of the pedigree Family strong driving dynamics.

The key goal is to ensure that Kuga reached the highest levels of working capital, handling, braking performance and leadership in the segment. The newest Kuga uses a lot of new systems and components in order to achieve the objectives of the programme.

The Ford Kuga joined a highly acclaimed and successful portfolio, which is known for its safety standards as a key attribute. The first element contributing to the security of Kuga is the stiffness and rigid passenger compartment designed and constructed to resist deformation. A host of assets, liabilities and pedestrian safety features dedicated to further contribute to the security of Kuga history. Includes integrated electronic systems Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) Kuga add to the security and confidence of the driver.

"We put a lot of resources to make our cars as safe as possible for our customers and all other road users," says Herrmann. "We use a set-vehicle comprehensive and without compromise."

Made at Ford Saarlouis in Germany, the new Kuga will be built next to the new Focus three-door, five-door and station wagon and variations C-MAX.
Source: Ford

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