Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ford Mondeo named Car of the Year by Auto Express

Ford Mondeo

We believe it's that time of year again when every automotive media outlet and its sister (publication) begin giving out its Car of the Year (COTY) award. Auto Express in the U.K. is kicking things off by awards its respective COTY statue to the new Ford Mondeo, as well as the honor for best family car and estate car. The editor's don't mince words when they say the Mondeo is "Ford's finest ever car". We'd like to agree, except we probably won't ever get a chance to drive the new Mondeo, at least not this generation of the car. Hopefully, Ford CEO Alan Mulally will have his way and the next-gen Mondeo will merge with our Fusion sold in the U.S. Perhaps then we can corroborate the opinion of Auto Express that the Mondeo is a COTY caliber sedan. Until then, however, we'll just congratulate the car from afar.

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