Monday, July 23, 2007

Honda NSX delayed…again

Honda NSX

Honda’s CEO, Mr. Takeo Fukui made the announcement that the Honda NSX won’t be launched at the Tokyo Auto Show in October. He did not say when the new NSX will be launched.

The main cause of the delay might be related to the announcement that Honda made few days ago, that the Acura launch in Japan will now not happen until 2010. The Japanese automaker plans to launch the NSX at the Tokyo Auto Show, but this might be a problem, because the show is once every two years and 2009 is too early.So it is possible that we will see the new NSX in October 2011.

In our opinion Honda might hury the things because if we look at the competition, things don’t look good: Lexus is planning the launch of its super, the LF-A and Nissan will launch the new generation of the Skyline, the GTR .
Source: autocar

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