Friday, April 11, 2008

10 Fatal Driving Errors

According to world statistics, which is not comforting, almost all drivers commit the same mistakes, so get into an accidents.

1) Excessive risk-taking behaviour and deliberate non-compliance with traffic rules. In this category are: ignoring traffic signs and signals, traffic lights, as well as several changes of the signal without turning, cutting, and other reckless driving. The difference between risky behavior and any negligence driving is that the former is a violation of informed and has much more serious consequences.

2) Driving under the influence of alcohol form. Unfortunately, the countries of the former Soviet Union in handling drunk form is almost the norm, particularly in the small towns and villages, as well as a large number of people from them, which in search of a better life come to the big mega-cities and go to a large city in the same way as the mother of the village. Under the influence of alcohol stops people feel danger, and to comply with any rules. Last year, more than half of those killed in road accidents were people while driving drunk.

3) A high speed. Higher than many drivers, but they like it more than others do the owners of expensive cars, which feel privileged position, and the young people who only recently villages for their first rudder "Zhiguli". Often exceeding occur within the city limits, thus increasing the chances hurt a lot of people. According to statistics, in 2007, 1/3 of all fatal accidents occurred on the fault of drivers exceeding the permissible speed.

4) safety belt. Car manufacturers attach great importance to active and passive safety. About 30% of the value of the car are modern security system. Despite this, many motorists do not use a belt, pristegivayut him for the seat-back or removed from a car squeaker, indicating about nepristegnutom belt. Wearing need to bring to automatism and perceive it as a useful habit that can save lives.

5) Nevnimatelnoe driving. Mobile phones, the replacement of the CD in the car radio, food, reading SMS etc. severely distracted from the road. In 80% of cases the cause is a collision that is any negligence driving.

6) Inappropriate behavior in extreme situations. The greatest danger in this category were novice drivers and motorists who rarely go on the road, the so-called "unbelievable", because the ability to avoid accidents comes only with experience. These groups of users often find themselves in situations where the time for action is catastrophically low. High speed and inexperience only exacerbated the situation.

7) Failure to comply with the distance. No one was wrong, that compliance with distance is an important factor in the collision warning. With a speed of 100 km/h for a halt cars require between 36 and 43 m. And some SUV - up to 50 meters.

8) The poor technical condition of the car. It is no secret that in our country can simply buy inspection. That's the case that some cars go from bad working brakes, no position lamps, etc. The old car may just stop on the road, while provoking cork or accident.

9) The reluctance to dwell on demand GAI officer. Sometimes, in the eyes popavshis GAI officer for traffic violations, the driver did not wish to dwell on demand police officer. This situation provokes the pursuit, in which major accidents occur frequently fatal.

10) Ignorance size car often cause minor accidents. They arise when parking and maneuvering in a limited space. The inability to rely on mirrors can cause accidents when reversing. Fortunately, these accidents do not bear the risk to life or health.

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