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Vw Passat CC

Vw Passat CC

With the new Passat CC, the German manufacturer is in the process of extending the range of this model car online. Although last week, we discovered that the car is now called simply CC Volkswagen reffers to the car as the Passat CC. The vehicle will be powered by two direct-injection gasoline engines and a turbo-diesel: petrol engines deliver 160 and 300 hp while the diesel engine of 140 hp will. With the engine of STI Passat CC becomes one of the most economical petrol engine in its class due to the average fuel consumption of 7.6 litres and the top speed of 213 km / h.

With more than 15 million cars built, the Passat and Passat Variant rank among the great success stories in automotive history. Volkswagen is now extending the range of this model car online by adding a third dimension: the Passat CC. Its design fully independent body, which has a sporty interior individual bucket seats in the rear, too, impressive powertrain systems and technological strengths worthy of the luxury class, blend to create a unique vehicle in the market segment Passat. The Passat CC is an elegant sedan and coupe momentum simultaneously. The concept and design of this new Volkswagen are in the process of defining, beyond the major new directions.

At its launch in Europe, 4.8 meters long Volkswagen will be offered with two direct-injection gasoline engines (V6 and STI) and a turbo-diesel (TDI). Gasoline engines output 118 kW/160 PS and 220 kW/300 hp, turbo-diesel developing 103 kW/140 PS and already complied with the Euro-5 emission standard that takes effect in the fall of 2009. At this power level, the Passat TDI CC consumes only 5.8 liters diesel and 213 km/h fast. Among the petrol engines the most economical in its class with an average fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 km is 222 km/h fast Passat CC STI. The CC V6 Passat 4Motion is electronically limited to 250 km/h, its average fuel consumption is 10.1 litres. The standard equipment on the top V6 model: the new generation of 4Motion full-time all-wheel drive, as well as the new control system chassis adaptive and highly efficient DSG double-clutch transmission.

Just as innovative as the technology is the powertrain driver assistance systems of the Passat CC. Also introduced for the first time on a Volkswagen are "Lane Assist" keeping system tracks and new DCC adaptive control chassis. "Other high-end technology are the" Park Assist "assistant parking and "ACC automatic remote control" to "Assist Front" to reduce stopping distance.

Furthermore, the Passat CC is putting on a fascinating display of fireworks with other innovative solutions and detailed. Recently developed, for example, is an electrically operated vent panoramic sunroof. The transparent roof is 750 mm long and 1120 mm wide. This means that it covers the entire front section to the B pillars. In this case, the cross beam above the windshield is also black. Electrical power "Panorama sunroof vent" can be rotated upwards by 40 millimetres.

These include small details that have a huge impact. Unique such as the guidance system for the side windows in the doors shut framework, which does not offer any surfaces for the wind to catch hold. Extremely efficient, the climate is a function of control for car seats (seat active climate). Until now, this feature was reserved for the comfort luxury sedan Phaeton. In the summer months, the seat climate provides significantly improved comfort on long drives. Also new is the whole system of climate control (Climatronic) of the Passat CC, whose display is now integrated with the display of radio and navigation systems. There is also a new layout and design of instruments chrome bezels. Similar to the Phaeton, the instrument for marking and the numbers are not illuminated in blue, they are rather in a burst of white light. Cars sport: When the contact is the instrument started all pointers pawn briefly to their maximum positions.

Also newly developed is the "Media-In" multimedia socket. The USB interface can be used to integrate the iPod and many other current MP3 and DVD players in the audio system installed on the Passat CC. The USB port is located in the glove box. The monitoring is done by the CC Passat's radio or radionavigation system. Title of the information is also displayed on the screen.

The Passat CC - which is intentionally offered in a single luxurious variant - is positioned in the range of premiums ecological car. Its standard features include extensive 17-inch alloy wheels ( "Phoenix" type) with size 235 tires, chrome accents (inside and outside), four seats ergonomic sport (person sitting at the rear of the system), a new three-spoke leather steering wheel design, climate control, electronic stabilization program ESP and the automatic headlamps.

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