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Nissan Qashqai+2

Nissan Qashqai+2

Due to the huge success demonstrated in Europe, Nissan decided to launch the seventh version of the Qashqai called Qashqai+2. One may wonder why the company has decided to appoint the car as it… Well, the new Nissan is built on the success of the original Qashqai by adding space and versatility to create the first family Crossover . The new Qashqai +2 is regarded as the first Crossover for families.Like employed and the multi award-winning original Qashqai +2 has been designed and manufactured in Europe and will be built at Nissan highly productive Sunderland plant in the UK .

Not content with breaking sales records, Nissan Qashqai - define the segment Crossover compact - is ready to explore new frontiers. With the original version, notching up more than 170000 sales in Europe since the launch Qashqai will soon be joined by a new version to seven seats.

Called +2 Qashqai, the new model is considered by Nissan as the first Crossover activity for families and with the imminent arrival of the second generation Murano, Nissan helps extend the Crossover offers three distinctive models. Sales in Europe will begin in October.

Qashqai +2 customers will be looking for a car that has the space, convenience and usefulness of a traditional carrier, but who want a more attractive, sophisticated design. Nissan Research shows that existing customers of the Qashqai are clearly attracted to it by its design - three quarters are again Nissan - and this is a trend that will continue with Qashqai +2. These customers are not attracted by the people existing carriers with three rows of seats. At the same time, Nissan Research shows that an increasing number of customers in this market segment are not interested in "family" SUV with a third row of seats. They are seen as too big and too boxy to their needs.

In this context, Nissan's European Product Planning team has identified a group of potential customers who are looking for a style yet practical family car. Qashqai +2 theme of continuous link so successfully launched by Qashqai, by sitting in between two well-established market segments and attracting customers who are not entirely convinced by any of these traditional options.

The results of the first clinical Qashqai +2 score showed that potential customers perceived as more family-oriented, which offers more independence, being ideal for a family vacation in progress and offering more fun than the traditional choice .

They also acknowledged the increase in its practical nature, space and versatility, as well as courses more attractive and elegant than its alternatives.

Where Qashqai generally attracts buyers who do not have children or a single child or whose children have already left the nest, Qashqai +2 provide rational benefits of a practical family car, with elements such as the elegant design, of the premium quality and an interior engaging driving experience to meet the more emotional side of the equation of purchase.

As the multi award-winning original Qashqai +2 has been designed and manufactured in Europe and will be built at Nissan highly productive Sunderland plant in Britain.

In January this year, the plant - which produced a record 353,000 vehicles in 2007 - Qashqai transferred to the production of models for export to Japan at the company's plant in Kyushu in Japan to free capacity additional production for Europe. Also in June, a third shift will be added to meet the demand of a surge in sales.

"The arrival of Qashqai +2 broaden the appeal of the range still further, so that the third shift at Sunderland is absolutely essential if we are to remain at the high demand for the model," says Simon Thomas.

Qashqai +2 share family clear design DNA to the original, but is subtly different from virtually all angles. Created by the designers at Nissan Design Europe in London Paddington, the new model is essentially identical to Qashqai of the A-pillar forward… behind but everything else has changed.

With a wheelbase of 135 mm extended - taking to 2765 mm - total length of the Qashqai +2 rose to 4526 mm, an increase of 211 mm on the five-seat version.

To ensure that there is enough margin for the third round of the seats, the roof has been extended and re-shape at the rear of the vehicle, adding to the 38 mm height, and put 1643 mm. Height in the front and middle row of seats has increased by 16 mm and 10 mm respectively, while the knee room in the middle row improved by 23 mm.

At the same time, both front and rear doors were restyled: window frames of the front door are square in accordance with the re-profiled roof, while the rear are completely new pair - plus square and also with the window frames.

Other changes include a larger style side windows at the rear to provide a bright and spacious environment for the occupants of the third row of seats. Greater differentiation between five and seven-seat versions is provided by a new hatchback with a rear window deeper profile and revised bumper to the rear and a key, the grille, unique to Qashqai +2, in the front.

Another feature found outside standard on Qashqai +2 is a huge panoramic glass roof to give the same light, airy feel that is so popular with existing customers on the Qashqai. The fixed roof is 140 mm more than the equivalent sunroof available on Qashqai and has an electrical contact operated umbrella.

In addition, a Qashqai +2 roof bars Series by adding a premium to feel his silhouette, while glass clouded the privacy of all windows behind front doors are standard on all versions.

Styling aside, the nature of the new model means much of the engineering and development work has been concentrated on the rear of the car where the objective was to make it as flexible, practical and comfortable as possible for passengers.

Elongation of the rear door has improved penetration of the passenger while access to the pair in the rear seats is further facilitated by the mid-bench. As a folder folding, the chassis now slides forward and aft to give rendez-vous in access to the second row.

As moving through a total of 100 mm, the middle seat now has a triple operation on a folding split 40/20/40 added modularity. The five seats on a 60/40 splits. The case is also tilt and no less than nine adjustment positions on a range of 10 degrees to 25 degrees of slope.

The centre'20 'double portion of a seat or a generous large multifunctional armrest. When used as an arm rest, while providing a greater sense of space for those in the third row, the rear seat consists of two cupholders and a lidded storage box large enough to hold readers Personal music, game consoles and CD. It also has an outlet. And in an upright position, the box becomes a storage recess for those in the rearmost seats.

Three rows of versatility
The third row of seats is ingeniously practice. Designed for children or occasional seats for small adults up to about 1.6m in height, the angle of the case in September fitting parameters and may, of course, be completely folded flat to increase luggage space. The seats divided on a 50/50 basis and each can be folded away just by pulling one bracelet: it is not necessary to remove the headrests first.

Following the lead set by Qashqai, the new version of the family is available in three versions of the dish and equipment - the now familiar Visia, Acenta and Tekna levels.

Depending on the version, the standard equipment includes automatic lighting, automatic wiper, speed sensitive door locks, cruise control, privacy glass, power windows, parking sensors, 16 - or 17 inches and alloy wheels of Nissan's Intelligent Key. Manual or automatic air conditioning incorporates soft flow ventilation while providing sufficient airflow over the back for passengers, a large compressor is mounted.

Subtle lighting interior is available, but all models have enough opportunities for storage, a drawer under the seat, large glove box and door pockets. Standard are also long panoramic glass roof and roof rails.

All audio systems - a single CD/radio, in-dash six-CD changer/radio or navigation system in-dash six disc autochanger - incorporating Bluetooth portable handsfree integration allowing operation distance from the phone and the caller ID display. The audio system also has an auxiliary input connection standard for MP3 players and other external audio devices.

Qashqai +2 is equipped with six airbags (front, side and curtain), pretensioners of seat belts in the front and active head restraints.

Popular options include leather embossed plate and advanced navigation satellite incorporating a seven-inch full-color screen (which doubles as the display of the rear parking camera), and speech recognition.

"Qashqai +2 adds a new dimension to the range and makes it even more versatile than the original. Delight It not only to large families, but also to anyone who appreciates its distinctive character resembles seat, and command and its extra space and flexibility, "explains Pierre Loing, Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan Europe.

"While some will come from the sale Qashqai current or prospective owners, we are confident that the majority of sales will conquer owners currently stuck with a compact classic: they appreciate the style and dynamism of the original but need the Qashqai 'seats of an MPV… Regardless of how it could be boring. Qashqai With +2 they can now have the best of both worlds. "

Source: Nissan

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