Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ferrari TuNero: art in the black color

Ferrari TuNero

Ferrari cars has always been considered with art. They create fanatics, these artists are good people possessed. This acclaimed car from Maranello fans around the world. The same can be said about production Walz Hardcore Cycles - these people pose unique motorcycles, which could have not just wealthy people, but enthusiasts of this lifestyle. At first glance, among these companies little in common - despite the fact that the two are working on a narrow range of consumers. But so happened that Ferrari and Walz were involved in an interesting project.

Mediator of the exotic tandem became tuning company Novitec Rosso, has long ovum authority to refine Italian sports cars. It is through Chapter Novitec Rosso Wolfgang Hagedornu this project to become real. The idea is extremely simple and fascinating: do sverheksklyuzivnuyu batch of cars and motorcycles, with a single spirit. This idea embodied in the draft TuNero: Ferrari F430 after finishing in Novitec Rosso was presented with its motor cycle "alter ego" - caste-bike Walz Hardcore Cycles. The two met in the device performance of matte black - very impressive and unusual.

Novitec Rosso team famous for its addiction to zadnemotornym Ferrari: it F430 - the subject of Highways favorite of the company. So happened, and this time, but with one difference: the sake of the project designers TuNero things, as perhaps never before. Not only is the black-voroneno F430 has more than mysterious, or even seemingly sinister, and more power so it frightening: thanks to the installation of two compressors power V8 petrol rose to incredible 707 hp Dynamic indicators are not divulged, but we can safely assume that such F430 engine is fully capable of overcoming the turn at maximum speed 330 km/h and disperse before "hundreds" does not compel wait more than 4 seconds. But worth considering that perenastroennaya suspension with reduced clearance and tighter shock absorbers requires a strong spine that can withstand shaking at each log, a careful approach to choosing the best route to the surface. Salon F430 TuNero black padded and lined alkantaroy, the seats pony logo Walz Hardcore Cycles.

A second half of the project, caste-bike Walz, is an even more interesting development. Like a car, motorcycle painted in black, with matt coating. Widely used in the construction of Carbon. Design of wheels has been developed in Novitec Rosso. Motor, and relies kastomu, 2 - V-shaped cylinder capacity RevTech 120 hp

The project immediately after the premiere was doomed to become a collector: It was released only three vehicles and three motorcycle. But art should not be massive - then it will lose its mystery and value.

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