Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toyota IQ Exquisite Forms

Toyota IQAfter Renault Logan and Ford Focus, Daewoo Nexia and Tata Nano eventually what your eye wants to see is refined form, and in the cabin fell not on the fingers of plastic and wooden handles ponderous. It seems that such a prospect is. Toyota still a year and a half ago declared that the world needs people's cheapest car Volkswagen beats on the same task, not one year.

Save in the concept of Toyota IQ voznamerilas at glands. A car is only 2.9 metres in length, in addition, probably metal from the inside and will do even thinner, but it is unclear how such a malyutku can climb four. IQ, in fact, turned out to the car for four. In concept, shown in Frankfurt, from the smallest Toyota was 2 +1 layout with the ability to nominate only one seat behind, and then - in the driver seat shifts slightly ahead. In predseriynom option even in appearance and just two seats, but the rear bench is hidden in the boot, as a third row of seats of any cabin. It is simply back-door pull themselves back seat and - voila: four seats in the cabin, and the complete absence of the luggage compartment. Now it becomes clear that the title concept IQ has nothing against its competitor Smart. Last far to the Japanese, in fact simply be "soobrazitelnoy" little machine already, but a car with intelligence - it sounds.

Intellect designers displayed atop. Work on IQ can be compared to the painstaking labour Southpaw over flea, which is just a flat tank for gasoline, which rasplastalsya belly on the car, freeing up a seat in the cabin. Wheels car fixed strictly in the corners so that their attachments to the chassis of the body has not had to devote much space. The engine, transmission and chassis were also designed to occupy as little as possible locations.

In addition to four comfortable place, the Toyota IQ enough brains and the fact that the driver felt administering a full-fledged vehicle. Indeed, the main task of designers, except for Ecology and mobility, and was even comfort. The idea of reducing the size of vehicles and the introduction of nanotechnology have long falls to all of the head. The question remains just how to make fans take the full sedans and eco-efficient cars. The problem, of course, is not resolved, but when you look at the salon Toyota IQ did you start to believe that fewer cars on the size of Daewoo Matiz can be welcome.

While not completely clear whether the IQ will be the salon, but the purple inserts, a form of avant-garde chairs and stylish dash panel can leave quite a pleasant experience. The panel adjustments can still move, freeing up more space for front passengers. Unknown as Toyota was able to reduce the cost of technology, but much informative LCD display clearly able to retain their seats, replacing the bulky many placards with the regulation.

Start of production is scheduled for late 2008. Perhaps later become known more precise specification engines. So far, however, declared the existence of two petrol and one diesel engine.

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