Thursday, August 30, 2007

2007 Acura TSX Test Drive

2007 Acura TSX

Yesterday, while out and about and continuing my car search, I gave the smallest Acura a test spin. With the demise of the RSX, Acura no longer has a compass-badged version of the Civic. Instead, they’ve brought the European Honda Accord, smaller and lighter than the American Accord, across the pond and badged it as the TSX. It has most of the practicality of a four door sedan, but goes a bit further and provides a nice dose of creature comfort in the form of leather heated power seats, dual climate control, and voice-activated BlueTooth operation.

The result is a really nice touring car. I can definitely see taking it across country with two people, some camera gear, and a couple of reasonably sized suitcases. The ride is comfy smooth and road noise is nicely muted. And, it goes where it’s pointed with aplomb.

Quite nice as well is the Acura philosophy of loading up their cars with all the do-dads you want. Want a TSX? Your choices are transmission type, paint and interior color, and whether or not you want the GPS navigation system. That’s pretty much it. No sorting out what’s in Package #2 versus Package #6. There’s something quite nice about this approach.

The downside? The TSX wants to drink 91 octane fuel and is rated at 32MPG on the highway. 32 isn’t too bad for a 200HP engine, and it’s certainly better than the average 21MPG of the American fleet. But, I’d like to do better with the next car I own.

Still, it’s a really nice car. I could see myself in one.
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