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Alfa Romeo 75

Alfa Romeo 75

Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo model Australia .

The all Alfa-new 159 - the long-awaited substitution for some time for 156 - door the levels of equipment with this generous that includes the places of skin, the wheels of league, an electric system of stability, the airbag of stretch out and an airbag of knee for the driver.

More, in an era when the buy used Alfa Romeo 75 1987 Alfa Romeo spider I am turn of inceasingly to the rubbers of escort of space-more economical saver, inferior, there is a fullness of escort of rubber-measure and comes also with a wheel of league, something Alfa says "is not very expensive".

It is all the part of project of the Alfa of to offer more for except for in an effort of to try the distant buyers of lust from more brands of German established.

Alfa Romeo Australia The Stone of general David of director was sharp to emphasize the extra equipment in 159 above the middle size of prestige of rivals like the more BMW established of 3 Series and Sounds A4. They include a reader of CD of 10 catasta, parking the sensors and wheels of league of 17 thumb.

"There they will be the persons that will buy always Alfa with their hearts, but now we give some persons that a reason to buy it with their witness," the Stone says.

In the true fashion of Alfa, nevertheless, 159 will have really one I rip decent to the heart-cord, beginning with the engines.

L' entered-slow 2.2-litre four-cylinder (that sells from $49.990, more the costs of on-road) the features direct the injection for the efficiency improved and the exit; all the is up there a generous 136kW play with, the meaning 159 can accelerate at in an elfo 8,8 seconds. More of the its rival German, Alfa is swift make note.

On it is close a 1.9-litre the good diesel for 110kW and one stunned 320nm of torque (the same engine that well will have gone to the diesel of Star of the Holden). Only it will be sold here like an automatic one; to appraise still was not regulated.

For those after the diesel with more in the manner of service, the 2.4-litre should suffice. It delivers 147kW and a strong 400nm of torque, ensuring reaches it in just 8,4 seconds. But it comes also with a nourishing one $6000 prize of price above the 2.2-litre the engine to gasoline, carrying the price to $55.990.

But the king of service is an all one-new V6, that has 191kW and 322nm, ensuring a lively one 7.0-second the Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo model to 100km/h. The V6 will sell from $74.990.

The V6 the engine is really a been derived of in the neighborhoods-to do some Holden V6, that Alfa added the its actual witness to for best breathing and the feature of Alfa of reply. To drive already it makes one's will the new engine overseas; she will find the revision here.

In interesting manner, 156 V6 the across all pushes the four wheels (all the other varying drive the previous wheels) in an effort of to increase the skill of to put in an angle.

The all system the-wheel-pushed opens also the door for a cart-to base more far away from the road, a version of whom previously Crosswagon was called when sold in Europe .

A worse side with the 159 story - for now, at least - is that only at first will be sold like a manual; the automatic models will arrive in 2007 to List has some images

How does it work:

The hollow one of brake to hand operates a custom hoods and rims in each caliber to push the inside Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo model against the diskette. To take a brake to decent hand on a diskette, she needs of much financial lever. That means that very small motion. Therefore the caliber contains the controls of lives that holds the no more of 0.1mm from the diskette. This has also the effect of "to close key" the exterior in the place, that gives the it than something push against.

That it means this in the practice it is that the caliber I am complicated, and has a lot you seal of OR-I RING, all can lose. The regulation is critical, and 0.1mm does not give very allowed for rusty, the grooved or bent the diskettes. Finally, the operation of the caliber is completely obvious nothing, and is very easy to damage their if she does not understand how work.

To note that 75' s seems to be inclined to the brakes soaked. This happens if whatever part of the system is at the of under of the equal one. In its question for the large brakes, it does not be unaware of the condition of the back organization - is mattering like the in front.

Above the time I put right or I replaced almost every component. Every small find alfa romeo mechanic helps...

The substitution of back

To change the is just simple. However, they is not economical - above all the type with the guides of logorio.

If the diskettes are at all put on it, is well their value replacing to the same time.

The test of an of brake (Alfetta) - the release for the full image of measure (10kB)

1. Disinserire the metallic threads of guide of logorio (if gone well).

2. To remove the R-CLIPS, the pins of buy used Alfa Romeo 75 1987 Alfa Romeo spider and the spring against-bell.

3. To slow down via from the control of cable of handrake and calibrare the controls.

4. The new to go well. She could need to slow down the controls a find alfa romeo mechanic more of to take the in.

To note that the are directional. If she looks at the back of the , she will see that there is an interruption to a side. The interruption would have to be towards the back of the automobile. Thanks to the Hay of Tim to confirm this - the Lockheed stuffs I used does not say that what manner is correct.

5. To replace the spring against-bell, the pins of and the R-CLIPS.

6. To fix the caliber.

7. To fix the hollow one of brake to hand.

8. To resume the metallic threads of guide of logorio (if gone well).

The back substitution of diskette

How have I the aready said, caliber the regulation is very critical. It is almost impossible to take it just if the diskettes is not smooth.

The minimum specified the thickness of diskette is 9 millimeters. The mine not badly we were put on, but they replacing it carried an immediate enhancement in the touch of brake, with a more motionless pedal and a brake to better hand like well.

1. To remove the six bolts of allen that attach the tree engine to the diskette.

2. To slow down via from the control of cable of handrake and calibrare the controls.

3. To withdraw the diskette, and to replace it.

4. The oil and protects the six bolts of allen. To ensure I am itself correctly torqued.

5. The new Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo 75 model to go well.

6. To fix the caliber.

7. To fix the hollow one of brake to hand.

The back caliber l' inspection/substitution

If all the it is not well with a caliber, then the better thing is to remove it from the automobile and the inspection on the bench.

To do this, disinserire the hollow one of brake to hand and to remove the diskette of brake. Then she can release the tube of brake and undoes the two walnuts holding the caliber to the gearbox.

Col caliber on the bench, the check for whatever obvious marks of losses fluid. The you seal of main piston they are replaceable, but whatever loss from the lever of controls or I restrain to hand is more serious.

Next, it monitors the mechanism of regulation really intense activities. The inside piston is operated from a 7 key millimeter of hex. The exterior control needs of a 5 key millimeter of allen, after to remove the plastic hood and to release 17 millimeter car insurance online.

The manual of Alfa says that she should use a "propagatore" to apply the force to the pistons while they drawing in the caliber. Therefore long like the pistons is not the siezed, would have to be OK without this.

It would have to be possible to coil the pistons in & outside to use the controls. If they do not seem worker to all the, then is possible that the mechanism separated the society col piston. The automatic control is held in the place in the piston with one ring to smack, and is possible for it explode outside. To try removing the piston from the caliber: If it goes out, but the control is in the caliber, then she found the problem. If the mechanism is unbroken, the pistons should unscrew from the bolt of control.

The brake caliber - the release for the full image of measure (56kB)

The above (confused) the image of one dismantled caliber should explain this a find alfa romeo mechanic more. I would smack it-automobile of control of measure in the piston. Then, the bolt of control avvita in the piston. Now, the whole assembly can be replaced to place in the caliber.

Next, feared the I move some lever of brake to hand. The inside piston should move outside from little millimeters.

If all of the checks outside from OK, the caliber can be put right. If no, the bad news is that a new caliber is very expensive. I should replace the right caliber after that it the siezed on, and refused to fix correctly. I think that the inside gear of control had taken the munged from a previous proprietor

My distributor of Alfa ever-useful was in a position of prenderme an I model caliber from Italy , That it entered at a more reasonable price. Otherwise, a specialist is able to be in a position to rebuild the caliber. She can discover how to rebuild the same you to the Pages of Technology of the irvine of Paul schell.

The back caliber the regulation

This is a pleasant work easy, therefore long like the brakes I am in the good condition.

1. To slow down via from the brake of cable of control to hand.

2. To remove the plastic hood from the exterior control, and to slow down 17 millimeter car insurance online.

3. To slow down via from the inside & the exterior controls. The indication is not obvious first. It is here how to slow down their:

The indication of regulation - flies off for the full image of measure (85kB)

4. To place a 0.1mm the caliber of antenna between every and the diskette. It is better to do both the Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo 75 model immediately.

To stuff the regulation (Alfetta) - the release for the full image of measure (12kB)

5. Attentive to squeeze the controls until the begin to sting just.

6. To squeeze the exterior car insurance online, and buy used Alfa Romeo 75 1987 Alfa Romeo spider to remove the guages of antenna.

7. , It Fixes finally the hollow one of brake to hand.

A time the series, the regulation is automatic. Therefore she should not need to do this still until the next change of .

The substitution of tube of back flexi

The flexi is simple to replace. It is also enough economical.

The walnut of fixation is likely to be very corroded, therefore is a good idea to take one of these like well (I am a weird measure).

Absolutely to use a substitution steel-interwoven if she wants - these can give a more motionless pedal.

The back brake of tube of substitution

There it is only a tube to the back. It is inclined to the corrosione where it does a sharp turn to the in front of the gearbox, therefore monitors it attentive.

It is easy to replace, but to be attentive above all to the road that explains some connection of propshaft and gear.

It points bleeding

To times the back brakes are able to be difficult to bleed. The suggestions to give back easy piú:

* It Lifts the back of the automobile on the flights. This ensures the bubbles of air rise on verse the bleeds the nipples, like too the manufacture enters easier.

* It Opens an it bleeds the nipple entirely, then *delicately* pump the pedal of brake until most of the air is espulsa.

* If she pumps hard, she will operate the valve of balance, that stops the liquid one to the back. To note it will be in a position to press it only the pedal the half hour manner before the valve operates however.

* A time most of the air is outside, each bleeds of four nipples beginning with the outside ones first. It is it takes an assistant to operate the pedal, or the united states a to sole sense bleeds the valve to ensure takes it all of the air outside the system.

* If she takes much air in the system, is possible for it to the airlock near the valve of balance, doing it impossible to take a decent pedal. To try bleeding the tubes from the cylinder of owner to the valve of balance.

Brake of cable of substitution to hand

The find alfa romeo mechanic of an I put, this.

The hollow one will rust and will stretch out col time. If the control has reason to the end of its journey, and the brake to hand comes nevertheless too distant on, then unlucky is the substitution cronometra... The back part easily is detached, but enters to the in front is almost impossible. The method "correct" asks for that the removal of the esaurisca, the connection of gear and a lot perhaps the propshaft

The method of horrible bodge:

If she removes the bracket and the brake to hand in the automobile, she can detach the rod of brake to hand lí. BUT, the rod is too large of to pass across the hole in the floorpan. The solution: A hammer and the I chisel will enlarge that I pierce just well, therefore she can push the rod although. Now the interface of the hollow one will hang up down, and she can release it. L... 'I warned

The hollow door a clumsy road above the top of the gearbox. I found the old very difficult cable of to remove, but the novelty a went in OK. The liquidation is smaller, therefore waits the hosts peeled. A time she took the new cable again on, fixes follows it like:

Brake of cable of regulation to hand

First, the secure mark the caliber correctly I am fixed.

,Simply it releases then the car insurance online, and moves the control to eliminate all of the free game - that is to say squeezes the control until the brake to hand lifts the just beginning to move.

An orderly manner of to avoid above-to squeeze the hollow one is put 0.1mm the calibers of antenna between the it and the diskettes. When she ended the regulation, the check that the calibers of antenna are not squeezed.

The control of brake to hand - flies off for the full image of measure (15kB)

It experiences on road

After that to do whatever of the, always it monitors above and it covers on the cylinder of owner, then the road-head the automobile. It should stop easily and in predictable manner, and it would have to be possible to close key both the previous wheels under to restrain of extremity.

It is mattering that the brakes do not bind, even though will be obvious if I am really the surriscaldamento!

To increase the Alfa Romeo 75 spare parts Alfa Romeo model back board, and to ensure itself both the back wheels turn freely. If no, riaggiusta the caliber and/or the brake to hand.


In the true style of Alfa, the look of 159 is also an important part of the laudatory speech.

A grateful one of deep protection is bordered from the previous lights of to look at aggressive, while the caution of to detail yourselves it it the shapes of touches and well-crafted ordered metallic.

159 is also more large in every dimension of 156 replaces, giving back free considerably more inside space.

The automobile that considers for the local majority of sales - available at first like a Berlin but within the months like a cart - has waited for to sell just 400 unity this year, with the sales climbing to 1500 in 2007 a time varying them automatic unite the alignment.

As for 159 name, that it I avoid 157 and 158 that most of they waited for Alfa use like a substitution for 156, also directing of Alfa I am at a buy used Alfa Romeo 75 1987 Alfa Romeo spider of a loss to explain it.

"We is not enough secure," it the Stone says. "But I say of habit of the persons that 159 is of the most important number for an Alfa Romeo because was the number of I model of the last Formula that A-Winning Alfa from the 1950s."

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