Sunday, August 26, 2007

VW Golf GT: Reviewed

VW Golf GT

We found a review of the VW Golf GT.

Acceleration in any gear is nothing short of amazing. There is no need to furiously fling up and down the gears every time acceleration is required like you have to do with other engines of this size. Words cannot express the disbelief we felt every time the pedal is dropped. Instead, we'll let the numbers explain it. Acceleration from 80km/h to 120kmh in fifth gear, for example, was just eight seconds. Reaching 100km/h from standstill takes 7.9seconds, just 0.7seconds off the pace of the more expensive GTI, and cruising at 120km/h only requires a lazy 2,500 revs on the ticker.

The VW hatch is now the premium choice rather than the prudent one. That is not to say it is not worth the money, because the Golf GT is a brilliant car. In a world of rising fuel prices it is good to see carmakers developing cars like this latest Golf, offering oodles of performance while being capable of running on the fumes of an oily rag.

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