Thursday, August 23, 2007

2007 Cadillac SRX V-6 AWD - Features

2007 Cadillac SRX V-6 AWD

It’s a Cadillac station wagon, and that’s not such a bad thing. I spend plenty of time in station wagons, and this is a great one. Cadillac’s style is assertive in both the sheetmetal and the interior. It doesn’t have “Cadillac” stamped all over the dash, but everything from the vents to the floor mats reminds me of what the SRX looks like outside. At a time where many brands are using the same suppliers for interior trim, it’s nice to find a car that looks custom. It’s plenty comfortable in the first two rows; after that, draw straws to see who has to sit in the third row. The massive sunroof is interesting, but wholly unnecessary.

The V-6 is adequate for a station wagon, and the mileage is okay, too. There could be a supercharged turbine under the hood, but you’d never be able to tell by its subtle engine note. Or the acceleration. There’s no real need for a performance station wagon anyhow, unless you want your children to abuse it on their trips to the library. Comfort, safety, and elegance make this crossover complete.

My first impression inside the SRX was, “wow, the new interior is much improved,” then I went for a drive and my enthusiasm went somewhat adrift. Our test car was equipped with all-wheel drive and the standard V-6 doesn’t provide as much thrust as a spoiled journalist expects. As I was driving, Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll played on my iPod and I chuckled thinking about Cadillac’s old “Breakthrough” theme. I thought, “breakthrough what?” this thing can’t get out of its own way! The SRX has a plush ride and rear cargo room is generous. I’m not sure what audience Cadillac was aiming for when the SRX came about, but I hope the next generation takes on more of an attitude like the new CTS.

This car is a glorified first-generation CTS wagon, and that’s a good thing. Crossovers are supposed to handle like cars, but this is one of the few that handles like a good car. The new interior for 2007 is a major improvement. The fonts are still tacky, and some of the center stack is too busy, but it’s saying something that I’m nitpicking a few bad things instead of trying to find a few nice things, as was the case with the 2006 and earlier SRX’s interior. Our test car had the “high-feature” V-6, and it was wheezy and only adequately powerful. This isn’t a world-class engine. I’m looking forward to driving one with the stronger and better sounding Northstar V-8.
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