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Alfa Romeo 33

Alfa Romeo 33

Alfa Romeo hopes its new 159 apeal of will to the head a lot how much the heart like the Italian looks of manufacturer of to increase its appeal in Australia.

The all Alfa-new 159 - the long-awaited substitution for some time for 156 - door the levels of equipment with this generous that includes buy used Alfa Romeo 33 spare parts the places of skin, the wheels of league, an electric system of stability, the airbag of stretch out and an airbag of knee for the driver.

More, in an era when the manufactuers I am turn of inceasingly to the rubbers of escort of space-more economical saver, inferior, there is a fullness of escort of rubber-measure and comes also with a wheel of league, something Alfa says "is not very expensive".

It is all the part of project of the Alfa of to offer more for except for in an effort of to try the distant buyers of lust from more brands of German established.

The Stone of general David of director of Australia of Alfa Romeo was sharp to emphasize the extra equipment in 159 above the middle size of prestige of rivals like the more BMW established of 3 Series and Sounds A4. They include a reader of CD of 10 catasta, parking the sensors and wheels of league of 17 thumb.

"There they will be the persons that will buy always Alfa with their hearts, but now we give some persons that a reason to buy it with their witness," the Stone says.

In the true fashion of Alfa, nevertheless, 159 will have really one I rip decent to the heart-cord, beginning with the engines.

L' entered-slow 2.2-litre four-cylinder (that sells from $49.990, more the costs of on-road) the features direct the injection for the efficiency improved and the exit; all the is up there a generous 136kW play with, the meaning 159 can accelerate at in an elfo 8,8 seconds. More of the its rival German, Alfa is swift make note.

On it is close a 1.9-litre the good diesel for 110kW and one stunned 320nm of torque (the same engine that well will have gone to the diesel of Star of the Holden). Only it will be sold here like an automatic one; to appraise still was not regulated.

For those after the diesel with more in the manner of service, the 2.4-litre should suffice. It delivers 147kW and a strong 400nm of torque, ensuring reaches it in just 8,4 seconds. But it comes also with a nourishing one $6000 prize of price above the 2.2-litre the engine to gasoline, carrying the price to $55.990.

But the king of service is an all one-new V6, that has 191kW and 322nm, ensuring a lively one 7.0-second the lineetta to 100km/h. The V6 will sell from $74.990.

The V6 the engine is really a been derived of in the neighborhoods-to do some Holden V6, that Alfa added the its actual witness to for best breathing and the feature of Alfa of reply. To drive already it makes one's will the new engine overseas; she will find the revision here.

In interesting manner, 156 V6 the across all pushes the four wheels (all the other varying drive the previous wheels) in an effort of to increase the skill of to put in an angle.

The all system buy used Alfa Romeo 33 spare parts the-wheel-pushed opens also the door for a cart-to base more far away from the road, a version of whom previously Crosswagon was called when sold in Europe.

A worse side with the 159 story - for now, to After to win the first one two Formula 1 World Championships in 1950 and 1951, Alfa Romeo withdrew officially from the motorracing to concentrate on a new road of automobiles of line. Even though these automobiles is not charming like the alfas of the anteguerra, clear I was nevertheless inspired from the projects of old person. To the end of the work of ten-day period it was begun on a new runner, built around the automobiles of road 1,6 liter four engine of cylinder. This slow trial resulted at the end in the TZ1 the I model, thrown in 1963, characterized a new loom tire and an aerodynamic body drawn from Zagato.

To build the runner of new GT, Alfa Romeo created a new department of contest and Autodelta lapped it. Two years after the Giula extremely of 1600 GTA happened was specified built to run of automobile of Touring, that the GTA has ruling the following years. In the time Alfa middle Romeo and in Autodelta has working on an automobile of contest entirely news that was understood to restore Alfa the old reputation. The code named ‘105.33', the new automobile was drawn from Alfa the experimental department and then sent off to Autodelta in 1965 of to be beyond developed. Alfa worn Romeo 145, Alfa-Worn Romeo 146, Alfa-Worn Romeo 147, Alfa-Worn Romeo 155, Alfa-Worn Romeo 156, Alfa-Worn Romeo 164, Alfa-Worn Romeo 166, Alfa-Worn Romeo 33, Alfa-Worn Romeo 75, Alfasud of Alfa-Worn Romeo, Brera of Alfa-Worn Romeo, Spider of Brera of Alfa-Worn Romeo, Giulia of Alfa-Worn Romeo, GT of Alfa-Worn Romeo, GTV Alfa-Worn Romeo, RZ Alfa-Worn Romeo,

When Autodelta received the first prototype, was fed from a TZ2 was derived four engine of cylinder. The engine was installed behind the division of the driver, being as the tendencies of project current recentissime. An entirely new one V8, emptying just under 2 liters, was drawn from Autodelta and united to a Colotti gearbox of 6 speed. The loom is consisted in three large tubes of aluminum; two limb of wide longitudinali and a gone well crossbeam to the back. The suspension was from doubles the passes face and support. It was equipped with the diskettes of Girling recentissimi given off versatile.

It lapped simply 33, the new runner did its debut in 1967 season. In after the years that the automobiles I was how known 33/2 for their one 2 movement of liter, to distinguish their from the largest evolution of engined. In the contest it cuts the high that packing it yard-custom hoods and rims V8 was good for at least 270 bhp. It did a victorious debut to a hillclimb in Belgium , but the matters of reliability have ruling the rest of the season. For 1968 an engine a little reviewed and for the new body improved entramba the service and the reliability. After than its debut runs 1968 33/2 commonly reference is done to now like Daytona. Alfa Romeo ended the third one in the World Championship.

In September of 1967 Autodelta carried it coils it of an enough exceptional one 33 varying; an automobile of road! From the technical point of view, 33 'Road' was practically identical to the car from race, except for a longer wheelbase and an engine of downtuned. More in important manner it characterized a Frank Bracket wrote the body, that still is considered the projects more attractive than one of ever. Thanks to the body the superior aerodynamics speed of well above 250 km/h were easily conseguibile. At least four loom I was supplied to the Italian carrozzieri and used by the studies of project of to excite.

The Pininfarina received two 33 loom of Road and built a body of coupe and loafer. The Coupe of Pininfarina characterized divides its project global col Ferrari 250 P5 the automobile of show threw the previous year, and is long believed that is been the same glass of wool of body. After that an I restore recent from Pininfarina, buy used Alfa Romeo 33 spare parts it was concluded that it is in fact a new body. This, the most attractive one of four studies of project, here is seen to 2005 show of Retromobile in Paris , France , where was one of the summits.

In the true style of Alfa, the look of 159 is also an important part of the laudatory speech.

A grateful one of deep protection is bordered from the previous lights of to look at aggressive, while the caution of to detail yourselves it it the shapes of touches and well-crafted ordered metallic.

159 is also more large in every dimension of 156 replaces, giving back free considerably more inside space.

The automobile that considers for the local majority of sales - available at first like a Berlin but within the months like a cart - has waited for to sell just 400 unity this year, with the sales climbing to 1500 in 2007 a time varying them automatic unite the alignment.

As for 159 name, that it I avoid 157 and 158 that most of they waited for Alfa use like a substitution for 156, also directing of Alfa I am at a find alfa romeo mechanic of a loss to explain it.

"We is not enough secure," it the buy used Alfa Romeo 33 spare parts Stone says. "But I say of habit of the persons that 159 is of the most important number for an Alfa Romeo because was the number of I model of the last Formula that A-Winning Alfa from the 1950s."

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