Sunday, August 26, 2007

VW Golf R32 Test drive

VW Golf R32

The guys from Wheels24 had the chance to take the VW Golf R32 out for a spin. Here's their review. Enjoy!

For one, this version is the most powerful production Golf to date. However, this fire-eating Golfie is about as unassuming as the next Golf 5 and the GTI has a lot more presence. Until you floor the accelerator and take off, that is.

Push the R32 and it rewards with precise handling even if it tends to feel somewhat nose-heavy in the bends. Speed-sensitive steering, if a bit dull at the centre, weights up nicely as the car gains momentum, providing confidence-inspiring accuracy.

Grip levels are astounding though, and the sports suspension conveys a reassuringly firm ride to the cabin. Punching the DSG's gearshift into Sport mode guarantees even more fun as the setting adjusts the throttle response and allows the heart of this monster to race more readily to the red line.

However, it's perfectly well behaved in regular conditions too and purring along in peak-hour traffic reveals just another of the car's well-practiced guises.

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