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Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

It would satisfy Alfa Romeo repair manual: The persons with no close BMW

The price: £26,400

The greatest speed: 142 miles to the hour, 0-60mph in 8,1 seconds

The economy of fuel combined: 41.5mpg

For like a lot of years Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers how I can remember - and on a day of alcohol-free rare, we speak at least 20 - the goes in automobile the printing announces the Alfa Romeo recentissimo like it a that will do, finally, signal a renaissance for the society. This speaks some volumes for the passion and the benevolence that the brand inspires in the writers of automobile, most of whom grew with old GT Smaller incavolato and Alfasuds, how I did, but rather except for for their impartiality Alfa Romeo repair shops. The truth is that like David Bowie, Alfa did not do really large nothing for of 30 years, since stopped carrying the drugs and to sleep with the men.

We have heard it fatal col 164 bar of lust, the eccentric 156, and you finish it Spider and GTV, that I was subsumed from the journalistic setting-up of TT of Sounds. They all looked at extraordinary, but it did not deliver for how much the quality and the reliability be checked. The Alfa recentissimo of to announce an inversion supposed for the lucks of the society is this that juicy-looking at Brera, the styled from the living god of project car (and the project of train, and the mòbili draw, and also the project of pasta Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers, I seem to remember), Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The Brera is without questions an erotic one, the automobile of desiderabile-to look at, actual like an Alfa would have to be (even though I seem to remember that in the first Zagato of 1990 did an automobile called the hyena, based on the Complete Spear, that looked at to hit like, with the same one the high life bent, with, with the impertinent back, you and long col chest). To see that a Brera is want an and, suspect, Alfa has surviving for the last one 30 years widely because his automobiles have inspirng this no- the reply too rational in the buyers.

To drive a Brera is, however, is want a BMW. My interest of the automobile began with the paint of orange-peels uncertain, and when I sat in it I sought, like if drawn from some instinct take root to find the worst in an automobile, to see that the most worn out one, embarrassing Alfa Romeo repair manual and the scandalous component inside that ever I saw in a car automobile: the painting of the orders for the lights of capote and reading. This è appeared to to be been done some worn tinfoil painted in hustle with Hammerite, that began to splinter already road. The rest of the hut was better, but nothing does not love realized like a BMW or inside Sounds, with the economical aluminum brushed covering the bracket of center, the huntings read and the very stupid places of back, small.

I am it is coarse, but only because I think that Alfa have open fact with castigates Alfa Romeo tuning resources a lot of cack above the last little years - including the coupe of GT that will continue to sell to confuse near the Brera for a couple of large except for but with the same engines.

On a more positive note, the 159 walks of Brera of bar-to base and the steers fantastically well and, how I said, is hypnotically attractive, at least from some angles. The side-on observer, the proportions Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers do not work enough and the C-fat COLUMN does resembles it to a van - that, I have fear, is something of an indication of like leader. Change Airs the Filter

It is advised from the Star of Energy of to monitor the air filters every month, above all during the heavy months of use (the winter and the summer). And if the filter looks at filthy after a month, then she should change it. To a minimum, it is advised of change the every filter 3 months. A filthy filter will slow down airs runs and does the hardest work of system to hold heats it or cools — wasting the energy. A clean filter will avoid also the dust and the land from develops in the system — conducendo to the expensive maintenance and/or first failure of system.

THE Climate of control of AIR filters The Brera is a fantastic onlooker, a perhaps more individual coupe of sport this side of a Porsche 911. But the Alfa can brand door a next one $100K the pricetag? , THERE it an attempt was certainly to pack enough the gear here inside to satisfy most of the buyers. But in this Alfa Romeo repair manual price-aligns that the Italian struggle against the better one from Germany .

Under the chest

* Four Star

Held it should take to loan a Brera and the champion this engine. Built in It, it is the 3.2-litre the connection of the 3.6-litre V6 that goes in the Commodoro Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers. But Alfa did its actual work of made one's will injection included manager and the variable synchronization for entramba the inlet and exhausts the valves. The result is an expressive engine with the Alfa Romeo repair shops large sounds and the sensational reply a time she takes to of 4000 grm. The consumption of fuel can frighten on 95 RON however, because to 1630 kg the Brera is weighing.

Like leader

* Four Star

A lot of that I weigh can be attributed to the Torsen center the everything of push of system-differential wheel. The advantage is this gets ready the automobile with a back prejudice of traction, since practically all the other Alfas I am the previous wheel leader these days. The result is a more stop and the capable push that is composed in impressive manner when to put in an angle. Only the roads of Australian the coarser upset its behavior or do the uncomfortable walk.

I comfort and it put into practice it

* Two half hour Star

Only a nude brand of step because the back place is entirely and entirely despaired. Whatever similarity of space was sacrificed to maintain the purity of shape of the Brera. Better to use the division-function of the back place and to extend the space of boot. The in front it is attractive, the driver takes manager also the wheel of course of regulation and I rake.


* Four Star

The plenty of airbag and all of the just helps electric including the control of stability I am mattering. Independent no accident Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers of test of classificazioni of to report however. The 159 Berlin , with that the Brera divides the plenty of mechanic, takes a five star Euro NCAP the adult classificazione of occupant.

Global verdict

* Three half hour Star

Italian to the fashion

The walnuts & Bolt


$94.950 Alfa Romeo repair shops more the options and costs.


Three years/100,000 the km.

It measures/type of engine

3.2-litre, the twin-custom hoods and rims, of 24 valve, V6.

To be able
Alfa Romeo repair manual

191 kW@6300 turns/min.


322 Nm@4500 turns/min.

It rolls transmission/driven

The manual of you are-speed, all the-the wheel-leader.

Hoop turning

10,7 m.


$1450 (RACV, 40-year-old, the male of appraising-a, the suburb of middle-risk, $500 ecessive).


The power steering of rack and embankment, 2,3 turns lock to close key.

You restrain

The diskettes aired face and the back, ABS with EBD and BAS.


The in front: The double pass, the shock absorbers, you let go them to spiral, the bar against-roll. The back: Independent from the fines-it connects, the shock absorbers, you let go them to spiral, the bar against-roll.

The wheels/tires The 2,4 unity of diesel of JTDM, how made one's will, produces 200bhp to 4,000rpm and almost 400nm of torque to 2,000rpm. The 0-62mph the release is achieved in 8,1 seconds and the superior speed is 142 miles to the hour, where legal.

I was said to that Alfa Romeo waits the I model of test of to be the book of success because combines the style and the frugality Alfa Romeo repair manual. The figures are Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers how posted 30.7mpg and 52.3mpg for the urban cycles and extra-urban. The resultant combined is a reasonable one 41.5mpg with CO2 the arrival from the yard exhausts some tubes. Alfa Romeo tells us also that this is the unity more being able of their family of JTD with a gone out of 84bhp/litre.

The changes to the commune of fuel of system-bar did the calmest engine vibration and reduced. However, the part nevertheless Alfa Romeo repair manual in that there is without doubt an unity of diesel under the chest.

I pleased specially the resolute change of gear of 6-accelerates the manual transmission in the automobile of test. It is the same like that united to 3,2 JTS Q4, while the 2.2JTS has a version a little different of the box of 6 speed.

The previous suspension of the Brera is a version of uprated of that in 159, even though, the difference is not easily perceptible. The new disposition offers the longest journey of wheel and while remaining nevertheless enough motionless, absorbs him Alfa Romeo repair shops you improve you and improves the traction. This, in the combination with it in positive direction, it accelerates-sensitive, the marks for the apartment, to put in a hopeful angle on the curve of with an empty stomach. And there it is the plenty of torque of to play with. The automobile of concept of Brera of the Alfa Romeo was the star of 2002 Geneva car show. Done not draw from the legend Giorgetto Italian Giugiaro, was always a question of when, if, would go in the production.

The transition from the automobile of concept to the production held a lot of its original daring.

It detains the three-door two-more-two disposition, with a nose of hawk created from the alliances of triple previous light and the protection of Alfa Romeo. The long chest runs of new all' A-steep COLUMN; the short one, rounded off them until of turret, like if the rotula, right behind the Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers back wheels. It looks at to hit, perhaps the most individual coupe of sport this side of the Porsche of iconic 911.

Two Breras are dedicated in Australia , the $69.950 2.2-litre, the in front of four-cylinder-the wheel-pushed I model of entry, and this $94.950 V6, all version the-the wheel-pushed.

Perhaps she it is ask where the Brera goes well in the range near the GT. After all, that it is a coupe of sport with a five doors, and is dedicated with a choice of engines of four-cylinder and V6.

Ateco of Alfa-importer says that we should think some GT like a being equivalent to to the BMW coupe of 3 Series, even though Brera is more like to BMW put to fire Z4. The enough fair, but the Brera could align against is.

Gone well on to 159 architecture of Berlin , the Brera of production is 84 higher millimeter, 64 wider millimeter and 25 longer millimeter of the concept. The wheelbase is 70 shorter millimeter of the concept and a significant one 172 shorter millimeter of 159.

The inside there is a traditional Alfa the booth of pilotaggio driver-orientated with a metal of plastic of combination-look, the orderly skin and spacious-measured fed and the places of in front warmed up. The steering wheel fixes for the course and for the I rake.

The back accommodation, nevertheless, was sacrificed to the purity of styling of the automobile. Impossibly it is squeezed for all of the objection the child the smallest one. However, there it is the space of boot reasonable impressing.

The styling goddess that the touches of Brera included enough in the booth of pilotaggio and in the back visibility is compromised.

The money buys a strong safety of equipment of heap and comfort standard like seven airbag, the Alfa Romeo repair manual control of stability, the previous lights of bi-xenon and a panoramic capote.

On the road, the Alfa Romeo repair shops is a leap of generational before the with an empty stomach one but damaged GT. The Brera is a to convince, stops and that the involving sport buiis.

The engine is crucial to this. The united states an Alfa-fettled 3.2-litre the version of It-to Build some Holden "global" V6 that feeds the Commodoro, connected to a Torsen hit the center of-differential everything the-the wheel-system of push (Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers indicated from the Q4 the sign).

Alfa the actual work of head - the injection included manager (indicated from JTS) and the variable synchronization of valve of the inlet and exhausts the trees to car insurance online - transforms the V6 from something of a lump to an expressive one, to blend, enlivens the object. It is lacking the true power of to pull down low, but to the of above of 4000 grm that gives generously for all of the journey verse 6800 grm and for all of the journey towards the sounds like it pleases himself really.

To pay attention col its swift-to move, the six-speed manual gearbox. The gates are close and is the to be lacking-possible shift. Also the clock outside for the friction, that has enough a late and engagement squeezed. All healthy person too hard part? Then to wait for the automobile has waited for in the beginning of next year.

The Brera V6 is no runner of traffic light. The official of the Alfa - and ottimistico - 6.8-second 0-100 time of km/h is just star these days. The weight is the matter. To 1630 kg this is a sporty automobile weighing, and seems more obstructed when to accelerate from a that stands it beginning and to the gas pump. Lí we posted one to frighten 17,7 L/100 km after a week of to drive varied. That it is on 95 prize of RON without lead. The Alfa claims an ottimistico 11,5 L/100 km.

A lot of the weight can be attributed to the all system the-wheel-pushed, but little angles will convince it soon of its value.

The system is gotten ready to be the rear-biased, therefore leader something loves a back-wheel-l' automobile of push. Combined with the precise direction and the in front novelty and the back projects of suspension took to loan from 159, the result is an addestratore provided, stable and sensitive Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers. There it is no of the steer of wheelspin and traditional torque scratching of in front-the wheel-Alfas of push.

Instead the Brera V6 wants to deliver and the track easily. There it is some understeer, but certainly not enough to ruin the experience. The only really rough roads or determined, hard, that the leader fluster it. It goes for a walk a find alfa romeo mechanic lumpy to the speed of town, even though 10,7 m turning the hoop means Alfa Romeo repair shops is easy to maneuver.

Thanks to the sky, Alfa included the large brakes of Brembo the Alfa Romeo repair manual equipment like standard. Pushed hard, they will answer faithfully.

The capacity of the Brera of to supply the interaction like this is what marks it like a special Alfa. It is too heavy, its back places fixable are squeezed and costs a lot, but for how much drive goes, delivers better of whatever of its connection recent. And it there is not doubtful it has a bell' appearance to do it.

That it is taken?


* THE previous lights of Bi-xenon

* Foglights

* Amalgam the wheels

* It Feeds the windows

* The control of climate of Double-Zone

* It Goes in crossbrace the control

* The ENTRANCE OF Door of puddle lights

* Warmed up and it fed the previous places

* The Skin cuts

* The capote of Panorama

* It Stumbles the computer

* The Previous washers of Light

* Bose 10-stacks CD sound the system

* To Close Remote key station

* The connettività of Bluetooth and iPod

That it is lacking

* THE pedals of league Drilled

* The navigation of Satellite

* The Full rubber of escort-Measured

ALL of THE Breras came with seven airbag like standard while a previous passenger of knee of airbag is available like an optional extra. Also standard I am the previous seatbelts col benefits-tensioners, the height of regulation of limiters and load. The previous places have the limitations of head against-blow of whip with a feature against-submarining.

For it strong col go, with Brembo of four-piston restrains, the Brera has ABS with EBD and the Hydraulic Brake Assists (HBA). There it is also the Vehicle the Dynamic Control (VDC) the stability before and back extra on the angles, LIKE or the Regulation Against-Mistake of Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers to limit the wheelspin and MSR, to Go in automobile the Alfa Romeo repair manual Regulation of Mistake, that walks in when there is an abrupt downchange of gear in the poor conditions of traction.

The system of Taken of Hill is enough utility, also how holds the pressure of brake for 1,5 seconds after that the pedal of brake is released. It works when to pull distant or inserting the reverse in ascent and the marks parking easier in such circumstance.

Not not the Alfa Brera is clear short on the features of safety or on the comfort and certainly the looks but like bell' and erotic how is, has his faults Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers. Personally, I have had rather the most practical one 159.

18 x 8.0-inch the wheels of league, the pneumatic 235/45 R18. The space-saver saves.

The accident appraising

It is as of the Australian rules.


BMW 335i the Coupe $108.500

New twin-I get upset goes, the stops and the handles shining. It goes for a walk badly around the town on the tires runs-dishes. 3 stars.

CLK of Mercedes-Benz 280 $95.100

To smooth, it streamlines it and adulterated. 3 stars.

There are four main filter of communication of means of types of the mechanical air: The card, the foam, synthetic, and the cotton.

The fibres of polyesters and/or glass commonly are used to do the formations of cloth you used by the aerial filtraggio. Both the materials have the high classificazioni of temperature of at least 120°C (250°F), and I am very worn in the commercial questions, industrial and residential. The fibres of polyesters and glass can be blended col cotton or with the other fibres to produce Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers an immense service of features of range. In some Polipropilene of cases, that it has a lower tolerance of temperature, it is used to improve the chemical resistance. The small fibres synthetic known like the microfibres are used in a lot of types of HEPA (the high Efficiency Air Particellare) the filters.

A lot they installs the filters for the house forced air warming up and airs making conditional the systems are done from the plain, the wool of glass agile-turned. These filters I am little expensive, available, and the varied density entered and the measures. The filters except for-dense hold account of the highest flow of air, but does not remove like much dust. The more highs I filter of density remove more particles, but I am more expensive and offers more resistance to the air. They become also more rapidly "loaded" with the substances contaminating and the dust. I am determined except for expensive of the filters of plissettare-card for the same measure.

Brera PLUS COSTOSOo comes with a V6 and with the traction to four wheels engines, and that I bet is the large fun, but the diesel that I tried was a find alfa romeo mechanic of a power teases: I would do the floor the pedal, waits the I get upset for tirarsé together, the moment would pass, and then the power would arrive. The other cronometra I would do the just success a wall to around 4.500 turns where the diesel gasp I puff. For me, a sporty automobile would have to to be in a position to deliver all of the power, always.

Not enough Ziggy Stardust then, more of a Smiling Gnome.

It is a classic: GT of Release of Alfa Romeo

Giugiaro of Giorgetto drew the GT of Release of incredible Alfa Romeo in 1963, and above the years that developed in the Smaller GT, 1750 GT and 2000 GTVs.

The Brera has to a grand' to deal the kind curve and the resolute position of those coupe of 1960, different of whom I was fortunate enough to possess in my adolescents. They cost around the same like an Escort stormed of blows has had, but the insurance was more economical because were some classic automobiles, and to difference of my Escort of the friends and to Alfa Romeo Brera parts and Alfa Romeo dealers difference of Fiestas, had the engines of twin-custom hoods and rims of fruity, the change of gear the more smooth than one ever I knew, inside that had to a lot to contemporary Ferraris and, the problems

For me the rust and evasive electrician were the part of their glamour and more of has compensated for from the sole Alfa Romeo repair shops style and from the farty exhausts the noises. How with everything the classic automobiles, these days that is the purchase of only of value a restored entirely a - the rest, how I know well, will carry only the misery to long to go.

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