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Ford Falcon 2008

Ford Falcon 2008

The 2008 Ford Falcon. Heavily camouflaged photos and artist's impressions of Ford's next Falcon, codenamed Orion, might be popping up as the launch date nears, but these photos obtained by CARSguide reveal exactly what the newcomer looks like.

These top-secret photos of Ford's high-performance vehicles show it clearly has Holden Special Vehicles in its sights with these aggressively styled FPV sedans, the F6, GT and GT-P. The FPV cars also give a strong indication of the overall styling direction for the bread-and-butter Falcons.

It appearance of this rear-wheel-drive prototype seems to support rumors that Ford is looking to Australia for much of its rear-wheel-drive future — a move eerily similar to GM's reliance on Holden to take the engineering lead on the Pontiac G8, Chevy Camaro, and the likely GTO and Impala spin-offs that are due to use GM's Zeta architecture.

Performance for the FPV V8s is also believed to have been increased to more than 300kW.

To contain that power, some FPV models could sport cross-drilled high-performance Brembo brakes, normally the domain of more expensive European sportscars.

Ford's plans appear to be a little less locked-in than GM's, but some pundits say that the 2009-2010 Mustang may share some Aussie DNA. And if a rear-wheel-drive replacement for Ford's Crown Victoria is to come about, it will likely rely heavily on the new Falcon.

On Ford's own media website, Australia's growing importance in Ford's global product plans was touted through a hopeful press release, which said: "An all-new Falcon model and future Territory models will form the basis of potential export opportunities for Ford Australia's globally competitive large rear-wheel drive vehicle platform…. The addition of left-hand drive engineering capability to our product development team will provide significant experience and assist us to develop a viable export program for our world class rear-wheel drive architecture."
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