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Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147

2006 Alfa Romeo 159 (3,2 JTS V6 Q4 I Dislocate)

The looks and the personality? Alfa has broken the prescription for the perfect bar of size middle? 159 appears to offer the substance of to equal its style.

Every cloud has a silver retailed. The image from Shane OR' Donoghue.

2006 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon (2,4 JTDm I Dislocate)

For much time now Alfa Romeo was a faithful supporter of the automobile of the enthusiast for the family with its label of Sportwagon. Here we make one's will the push the addition recentissima, 159 Sportwagon.





2005 Alfa Romeo 147 JTD 16v the revision. The image from Shane OR' Donoghue.

Alfa Romeo spyder parts The lifting of the face is a fine work piece. The new nose drags the up-to-date blow of automobile and does an already different shape and enticing in a definitive position outside Alfa Romeo 147 parts from the project. 147 never a mild Eurobox was or Japwagon, but really does now a Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo lot of the look of sloppy and tedious contest.





2004 revision of GT of Alfa Romeo. The image from Shane OR' Donoghue.

2004 Alfa Romeo GT (2,0 JTS)

Another week, another coupe. It does not seem that we drove like a lot of coupes like whatever other niche recently, that I complain me, and the £20k the brand sees now a riches of options for whatever eventual buyer. Alfa Romeo has a tradition of doing the elegant coupe, desiderabili.

2004 revision of V6 OF GT of Alfa Romeo. The image from Jenkins of Jams.

2004 Alfa Romeo GT V6

When we make one's will the JTS Alfa GT of 2 liter left us starving for more. It advised to the real potential and our eyes articulated down the list prices and put right on the GT 3,2 V6: one of the largest engines of everything turns placed in the nose of one of the most attractive shapes on our roads today, consolidated from a sharp loom.





Madly diamond - the Alfa 147 GTA. The image from Mark Sims.

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Precisely 38 years does to the day how I write this, a significant Alfa Romeo spyder parts event had place between France and between Italy . For the first time ever, Italy definitive was united from the road to Europe of the north one when the Tunnel of Blanc of Mountain has open. The tunnel I am of european investment bank what, above all when she has a like 147 GTA automobile.

The Alfa 147 JTD - Italian bell' and frugal. The image from Adam Jefferson.

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 JTD (8v Tourism)

There it is just something of me and the Italian automobiles - and the Alfa is certain no exception. To climb in for the first time it is how to hit slightly on a glove perfectly adapted. I turn the key, and a large reel of symbol of shows of black shining from a moment to Alfa Romeo 147 parts the other on the information screen before to go out. My building block and lights the engine.

2003 Alfa Romeo 156 2,0 revision of Sportwagon of JTS. The image from Shane OR' Donoghue.

2003 Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon (2,0 Swift JTS)

The property of way to live is not more a product of niche. Most of the property now I am thrown on the market to the buyer that has a life rather that one just tendencies of life-produces.





Alfa Romeo 147 2,0 T the test on road. The image from Adam Jefferson.

2002 Alfa Romeo 147 (2.0- the liters I Dislocate of Spark I Twin of 3 door)

One of the largest parts of the market of automobile of united kingdom it is the 'C the segment' Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo. This reports to compress the bar and the five doors like the Ford of interest center of Golf and VW. This segment considers for almost an in three of everything the corrupt automobiles Alfa Romeo parts. The C enter the category of segment is that Alfa Romeo does reference to like a 'the segment ... of under-c of Elite'

Alfa Romeo 156 test on road of GTA. The image from Shane OR' Donoghue.

It reconsiders the homepage -> The road of Alfa Romeo makes one's will -> 2003 Alfa Romeo 147 JTD (8v Tourism)

The Alfa 147 JTD - Italian bell' and frugal - the Words and photographs from Adam Jefferson.

[The Technical descriptions]

The Alfa arrives a little one unexpectedly. Suddenly, a morning of wednesday, lí is. It is not had to for another one two weeks, but this turns outside rather well, how is another civil weekend of party and I have some places to go. The mine before risqué in it is late a night. Having driven the 2.0-litre T the version of 147, I have a good idea what wait for itself for how much the automobile is checked, but when it I am discussed some engine that I am a little timid one having driven recently the diesel of four-cylinder of agricultural Shogun.

There it is just something of me and the Italian automobiles - and the Alfa is certain no exception. To climb in for the first time it is how to hit slightly on a glove perfectly adapted. I turn the key, and a large reel of symbol of shows of black shining from a moment to the other on the information screen before to go out. My building Alfa Romeo 147 parts block and lights the engine... and pleasantly I am surprised. Not even though it is certainly the cultured, is very acceptable for a diesel of four-cylinder. Really it a lot seems like the Golf of VW. But the Golf is a rubber washing the glove while this is a fine a small number of fur-to put on. I put in movement in the darkness, London of target. We have of 80 miles to go, and I carried my CD learns-Italian. Soon I am sull'A1, and all is the right right hand. The Italian conversation, the Italian environs and also that smell of automobile new Italian. I begin to imagine I am on a highway, but it came soon to my senses and it occupies some limit of speed available.

The acceleration is excellent for a diesel, but mine I find paying a little too caution to the reading of economy on the just vision of journey of computer that the type of figures that I can manage. After all, that it is rather that this is all about. If the computer reads nothing approaches to what the automobile delivering really, I find the marvellous figures (a back check yourselves it it that would be able well is true). To go in crossbrace on A roads and A highways, the figures can be held easily definitive in the 40s and when to push the hard automobile, make fall only for how much those she would have been waited for from an engine to respectable gasoline.

It tomorrow morning I emerge sleepy from my apartment of to to be greeted from a sight in red bottom outside the door of entrance. The automobile is magnificent, no two manners of it. With a face reminescente of 1949 2500 Villa, its voluptous bends the rippling with just a suggestion of muscle, but rather that the looks of fired-feminine putter of its rival German, this has the photographic car look fixed grieved of Monica Bellucci with its previous lights of grateful of radiator of cut and doey-to look at low. The styling of handle is taken to loan from 156 - the almost invisible handles of back and the handles of in front in spectacular manner overestimated just of to do the point that is almost a coupe of three-door. Only the wheels leave it a small one, but these can be replaced like an option of cost.

Not nothing the inside, while specially special, is extremely comfortable and ergonomico - the mine alone smaller grip of the disposition is the reflections a stretches out to explain the tools from the margin of silver of the that including it panel. The places I am upholstered in the good cloth of quality, and all is offer. Really Alfa Romeo spyder parts to drive the automobile, the gearchange is lacking the feeling Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo, and is just too light, and the direction is very light, but a gets used to these to the end.

The engine utilization the so-called system of 'Unijet', that the united states the commune-electric bar injection - the generation recentissima. This improves the consumption like too doing to run calmer and the power increased, and gives of the more loving an engine to gasoline to the features. I find the red line to 4500 grm disturbing differently, that is like of just habit when the things begin to take to interest. This is more of it has compensated for from the immense well of information of torque thanks to that variable geometry I get upset.

The treatment of the automobile is well beyond my expectations - for an automobile of runabout of all of the days, and above all a diesel, is exceptional the chuckable, and the handles with the large trust. The suspension is flexible and comunicativa, and surprisingly is difficult to persuade the understeer.

To replenish it is a specially bad trial, but then is of habit with a diesel. The hood of fuel rocks via on a small stupid thread (the thread of a) of plastic, with the key nevertheless in it and takes invariably I squirt with the violation smells the diesel. As does it take then on to the key, it results in a timid disorder. But then I suppose the Italians believe that all should suffer a small one to buy an automobile of diesel.

During the time I had 147, different admirers blundered it for something German - that I carried like a compliment. Specially Alfa Romeo 147 parts perceptible of 147 it is that possiede a solidity 'German'. According to me the German sit on their laurels, selling the automobiles on the their reputation, that can last only long Alfa Romeo tuning resources. The quality of new Mercedes for example is compassionate compared to the automobiles of 10 or 20 years does like Mercedes is forced to find that I push excellent between the acceptable quality and the return increased financial. The Italian automobiles come from the other indication. Having been renowned from 1970 the buckets of rust like not reliable col character, the last ten years saw that the group of Authorization it is forced to equal the quality German while maintaining that Italian of spirit. And this automobile is the test that is achieved. If their ideas distributors of dollar on, and buyers see beyond the perception, will realize of the that the Italian automobiles I am of the contributing today very realistic to the German.

Even if it is a diesel, is the nevertheless large fun. While 0-62 miles to the hour the time of 9,9 seconds does not seem impressing, hears good. 147 is a contributing serious in this, the new needles of acceptable diesel.

The engine & the Transmission: the starstarstarstarstar

The engine is good like she can take for a diesel of four-cylinder. A lot the torquey (203 lb. ft to 2000 grm) but while the sound of engine is harmless, is more Rammstein of Pavarotti. Not the enough Gearchange sporty for the brand of Alfa Romeo.

To stroll & Handling: the starstarstarstarstar

The loom I communicated and a scarcity surprising of mark of understeer driving an experience to amusing fund.

To feed the economy: the drivers of Alfa Romeo of starstarstarstarstar, that call their same the alfisti I am very passionate of Alfa Romeo spyder parts their automobiles. Ops, lose some sacrilege that entrusted calling just Alfas the simple automobiles, like the alfisti does reference to their Italian animals like the their Bellas, that is fundamental Italian for something Alfa Romeo 147 parts of curved and erotic that she would love to spend the whole night with, it wakes up.

That it is not precisely fake - I was tired dead after a long day that stretched to 4am , and I should have returned to take really some closed the eye - but I wanted to carry nevertheless the Alfa Romeo 147 on little rotations around the empty roads of my neighbourhood. And that it is precisely that I did. The sound of the engine of TwinSpark roaring in the silence of the night - she should test it really for same you.

It is here the mine undertake the Alfa Romeo 147 2,0 Twinspark Selespeed. [it UPDATED]!

To the expenditures of Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo to risk having fallen on from the NUMEROSOi Alfisti outside from lí, I go to say that the suggestions of project of Alfa Romeo I am a love it or I hate it deal it. I mentioned Alfa Romeo to 2 enthusiasts of automobile - a said that loved the project while the other said that all of the alfas I am ugly. When the same question was settled to 3 not-enthusiastic folk, they all said that hated the projects of Alfa Romeo. Personally, I love Alfa Romeos. But it seems to be no lí second slow sull' a' opinion on the aesthetics of the Alfa.

The walnuts & Bolt


$35.990 (the man) or $38.990 (the seeds-automobile), more the costs of options and on-road.

It measures/type of engine

2.0-litre, the double one upwards custom hoods and rims, four-cylinder of 16 valve. 110 kW to 6300 grm and 181 Nm to 3800 turns/min.

It rolls transmission/driven

The manual of five-speed or the five-speed the consequent fwd manuals,.

To feed the Consumption

8,9 L/100 km, without lead. To feed the tank 60 liters.


The prize $680 (RACV possessed entirely, the driver 40-più, appraising a, the suburb of middle-risk, $450 ecessive).


3 years/100,000 the km.


The rack and the embankment, 2,2 turns lock to close key. To turn it turns around 11,5 m.


Independent, the in front and the back.

It rolls/tires

To amalgamate, 17 x 6.5-inch. The pneumatic 215/45. The space-saver saves.

How Large

The length: 4223 millimeter, the Breadth: 1729 millimeter, Alfa Romeo 147 parts the height: 1442 millimeter, the wheelbase: 2546 millimeter.

How Weighing

1250 kg (the man).


The airbag - yes, you are; the control of traction/stability - yes; the control of climate; the skin cuts - chooses; the computer of journey - yes; goes in crossbrace the control - yes; taken of running of 12 volt - yes, two; the safety - the immobiliser.

Full descriptions

It is told it is us often no such thing like a free lunch. There it is perhaps, like Alfa Romeo has just threw an up-to-date version of 147, bragging the range of enhancement, that costs except for of its predecessor. It is a welcome surprise in an industry where "novelty" means often the probabilitá to debit more.

Not novelty or, the updated 147 is its recognisably old person same. There it is the in front of thin different styling and the back, and the changes combine with the wheels now-standard of 17 thumb to give the impudent shape of to the Alfa Romeo spyder parts a more bitten boy. How first, she can have its 147 in is three or forms of five-door.

The inside, Alfa updated the tools, the switchgear and the materials while detaining the same fundamental architecture. 147 has a comfortable, tactile one and interesting of visa the environment of in front-place. But in the back, the Alfa remains more squeezed some rivals like the Golf of Tardis-Like of the VW. Like the remuneration, the space of boot is on 15 percento.

Ah yes, the price. 2,0 Twin it Lights the manual of Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo three-door opens the range to $35.990, a practical one $2500 except for of the old one I model and actual in the means of the bunfight of hatched of prize in increase warmed up. The windows of power, the power warmed up reflects, goes in crossbrace the control, the control of climate, the computer of journey, the reader of CD with the controls of steering wheel, you are airbag, the control of ABS and stability/traction I am all the part of the deal. To add $1500 for the five-door, more $3000 for Alfa the system of consequent Selespeed-manual.

Under the skin, 147 detains all the fundamental mechanic of its predecessor but with a rank of raffinamenti aimed to improve of driveability and the comfort. The self-propelled recentissima did not adopt it delightfully directs-injection of JTS of zesty four from its 156 brother, but rather an up-to-date version of the long one-live 2,0 unity of Spark Twins.

On the road, it is hard to discuss the point. With 110 kW to the thorn, the Spark Twins equals more contemporary 2.0-litre Alfa Romeo 147 parts four for the power, and is nevertheless one of the plus groups elettrogeni of personable she is likely that to drive. There it is the power of to pull good from the low turns, a half-cordial range and a 7000 redline of grm that is lí to to be used. While left the JTS' the levigatezza and the reply on high, a lot will be connected from its trattabilità, from the resonant column of throaty and from the versatile glamour.

It connected to five-speed the smooth manual gearbox, the Spark Twins returns the respectable economy. Around the town that consumed of 12 L/100 km, make fall in the low one seven on the open road. But the rivals of directs-injection from Sounds, BMW and 156 JTS I am in demonstrable manner more efficient fuel.

The suspension of 147' s entered for the caution, with Alfa specifying an organization of "comfort" news to the Alfa Romeo spyder parts conditions of road of Australia of better clothing. Without it supports-to-it supports the test, the walk of quality of difference is hard to quantify, but 147 goes in crossbrace with the impressive condiscendenza, col I comfort and with the low levels of noise above most of the superfici. Only him you worsts trouble the calm, but the Alfa does not hear ever fragile or outside its depth.

The direction is it well-weighted and in impressive manner precise and 17-advances tight rubber phenomenal agrees that the drivers draw the better one from the rapid replies and the good balance. There are more sharpened, more hatched satisfactory, more particularly back-leader of the BMW of 1 Series, but the Alfa is capable of maintenance of its in front-wheel-the honest rivals of push across the curve.

In the end, the new one 147 little offers surprises but Alfa succeeded in the maintenance it competitive until the arrival of an I model an all one-novelty between little years time. It is not the contributing the most sharpened one, the most spacious or more adulterated of this segment in increase provided, but the fresh one of designer of the 147's, the pleasant manners of road, the immense glamour and the value I am Alfa Romeo 147 parts some attractions nevertheless being able.

To compare these descriptions of the automobile with another automobile


The sounds A3 2,0 FSi of 3 door

BMW 120i

The Mazda 3 SP23

The Golf of VW 2,0 FSi

A200 of Mercedes-Benz

The Alfa Romeo 147 began like an automobile of concept I Project called 937 rear in the year 1998. The manufacture that is the debut of world in the year 2000, the Alfa Romeo 147 is available in entramba the bodies of five doors of 3 door and of 5 door. I make a will it drove the I model of five doors of 5 door, with a 2,0 engine of TwinSpark and a gearbox of Selespeed of 5 speed Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo under the hood. Immediately she could think that the automobile of 5 door is really an of 3 door, because of the absence of handles to the normal position. Instead, the handles be blended in the project of automobile between the back mirror of door and the C the column. I love the project of the automobile, but wanted that short limit of testing of my unity is entered red for the also better photograph. You filter some car air

Two main types of filters of the air are used in the automobiles: the filter of the air of combustion, and the filter of the air of hut. The filter of the air of combustion avoids the substance abrasive particellare to enter the cylinders of the engine, where would cause the contamination of logorio and mechanical oil.

Moderner, the vehicles of fuel-to inject use a has plissettato the card of filter of element in the shape of a flat panel. This filter it is placed of habit in a plastic box connected to the body of valve with a large tube.

The more old vehicles than use some body of carburatori or direct valve injection of use typically a filter of the air cilindrico, of little highs thumbs habit and between 6 and 16 thumbs in the diameter. This is positioned to the of above of the body of carburatore or valve, of habit in a metal either a plastic container that can incorporate the ducting of to supply the fresh one and/or heats the air of inlet, and obtained with a metal or a plastic lid.

The filter of the air of hut is typically a filter of plissettare-card that is placed in the outside introduction-aerial for the division of passenger of the vehicle. Some of these filters are rectangular and like in the shape to the filter of the air of combustion. The other only they are modeled to go well the available space of the special vehicles introductions outside-aerial. To be an enough addition recent to the apparecchiatura of automobile, this filter is often neglected and is blocked or the filters of the filthy air of hut can reduce considerably the flow of air from the outlets of hut, like too of to introduce the allergeni in the hut the aerial stream.

The Alfa seeks customers the automobile like a rival to the BMW of 1 series and the sounds A3, but in the greater part of separates the brand of Alfa does not divide really the prestigious recognition that is rival German that the take Alfa Romeo spyder parts. The European automobile of the year for 2001 it was voted, repeating the success of is the oldest brother the Alfa Romeo 156 in concluding definitive 1998 title, although only from a 1 margin of point.

The Alfa Romeo Twinspark 2,0 inline of liter-4 engine of DOHC with a relation of compression of 10:1 loves is the homonymous the united states two candles for the cylinder. If she looks at the lid of engine above, she will see a series of cathedrals goffrato on it, two cathedrals for the cylinder, a more grand' and a smaller one. This is because the new one 16 engine of Twinspark of valve two candles for the cylinder otherwise I am measured, an is a larger candle (14 millimeter diameter) and an is a smaller candle (10 millimeter diameter). The oldest one 8 engines of valve has 8 identical candles. The helps of operation of Twinspark reduce the fuel of unburnt in the trial of combustion. The Alfa found that under Alfa Romeo 147 parts the normal conditions, an alone thorn could light a relation of airplane/fuel of 17:1, since thorns twins could light a hodgepodge is inclined like like 20.8:1.

The engine characterizes also Variator - Alfa Romeo the variable valve of synchronization of question. Variator of the Alfa Romeo operates on the tree to car insurance online of introduction via the hydraulic, delaying the synchronization from 25 degrees to the speed of engine until 3.000 to 4,000rpm the range. Like the turns collect, the oil is pumped in a room in the Variator that proud the relation between the tree to car insurance online and the pulley. To a certain point between 3.000 and to 4,000rpm, the Variator deactivates and the engine runs to the original one the advanced synchronization.

Not perhaps just I am used to the diesel, but this was unnatural. The observation of the computer of fuel my col foot to the floor, read nevertheless beyond my dreams the more savages in whatever automobile of gasoline.

Tactility: starstarstarstarstar

I given him four, but then I am horribly the biased. The direction of gearchange and light I am rather disagreeable, but the hell, is Italian.

The appearance: the starstarstarstarstar

If they were girl I would marry it, even though its suspect sister large, the GTA would sweep me via from my foots. And then sarei found little now after Buy used Alfa Romeo 147 parts for Alfa Romeo in a ditch, depraved murdered with a wide one sneers on my face.

Inside: the starstarstarstarstar

A BMW of dashboard could dream only about, even though I is not ecessively sharp on the material of "leg of elephant" on the lineetta and on the doors. The Tourism is the specific lower one of the Luxury, but nevertheless adequately named.

The safety: the starstarstarstarstar

The standard safety of equipment of list across the 147 range is extended: 6 airbag, the pretensioners of previous seatbelt, a fire of prevention of system, ABS, EBD and LIKE on some models.

The equipment & Value for the Money: the starstarstarstarstar

Although the 147 such accounts automobiles like the sounds A3 and BMW Compress like its rivals, happened well in the standard equipment of horseraces, also in the most economical version of Tourism.

It notes...

Since we drove 147 JTD, Alfa threw the first 16v of a new version col I peel the engine of Multijet. This is been derived from the 8v the engine that we make one's will, and is connected to a gearbox of you are-speed. We do not see it now of to reconsider this in a next future.

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

To assume that she is an alone man or a woman. Same you to paint in a room with three most of astonishes the examples of the other sex, ALL of THE vying for its whole caution. To imagine like difficult it has been it decide between them. How in the name of the of the she can have all their? To the same time, she should admit that the it thought of such opportunity it excites... incredibly





It experiences on road of Cup Alfa Romeo spyder parts of GTV of Alfa Romeo. The image from Alfa Romeo 147 parts.

2001 Cup of GTV of Alfa Romeo

The enthusiast of Automobile carried the delivery of the very red one ('Red Alfa' of to to be demanded) the Cup of GTV of Alfa Romeo in the beginning of October for a week of automobile sporty Italian leader...

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