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Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159

Not like an cheap Alfa sprare parts sister or a to absorb the local program of news, the attractive gardener is an improbable and rare phenomenon, buy used Alfa Romeo 159 but entirely without the precedent. The grind of automobile ponders Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts for a moment and for the reels via from a list that includes the dozen Aston Martin DB5 Firing the made Brakes in the mid-1960s, the Volvo of foxy P1800ES and the exceptional fact of Alfa Romeo performance of version of the Ferrari 456GT built for the Sultan of Brunei. The Rover 75 property is not bad is, came to that.

In fact, these days that is not unusual for the versions of property of to be better looking at some bar: is certainly true of the ranges of Sounds and whole Saab; the BMW 5 Series; the Chrysler 300C; that thing of X-terrible TYPE of Jaguar; and, although is rather how to compare before and after the blows of Matthew Kelly with and without the hair facciali, also the Citroën of gargouille Sweet improved col A space of load.

The explanation is simple: the designer realized that a long roofline, unbroken,, sharpening preferably down towards the back, the really, really warm looks (is because the funereal carts look at always good Alfa Romeo tuning resources, or is that just me?). And, although the sex could not do the world goes in round, does it at least vibrates in a pleasant manner.

All the other automobiles are, however, Nicole simple Richies compared to the Nicole Kidman that is the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon. 159 is not just an attractive gardener, is a bell' automobile. Now, Alfa knows well than there is a certain group of weak, easily confused, a little acquirenti of automobile of tarty that will buy an cheap Alfa sprare parts automobile does not matter like efficient, to fund planned, reliable and refined its rivals are able to be - is depended from this fact for its a lot of existence for above 30 years. I am such person, or I love to think buy used Alfa Romeo 159 that sarei if I had an I save 30 large to spend on a new automobile. I love to think than I have had the intestines for make fall all the on a load-Italian sailboat of course compromised and done not test build the made quality from a society with a not enviable reputation for the last and a no one-the curricolo also impressing for the precedent (the predecessor of the 159's, 156 Sportwagen, really had except for the space of boot of the bar). I love to think that sarei gotten ready to persevere the sleepless nights worrying some values of reliability and retailed, to do the world ever Alfa Romeo tuning resources a little more attractive to contemplate for the other users of the road and for the pedestrians. The Alfa new Romeo 159 looks of Berlin simply proud from whatever angle, but in the special one from the in front where that extensive nose does a real declaration. All that it looked at the automobile during our test of the recent week they were kidnapped in the shape and it was invariably the first one what that wanted to speak about.

The triple-segment the a lot-effective effect in front-light, that includes intelligently the lights of indicator, is put in movement from the typically Alfa Romeo the grateful daring station. A grateful that siede deeply in the area of bumper in a manner that you attract the caution. We have a bad feeling goes to earn also a scar or two from the parkers of idiot, because the main part of this automobile is the grateful one of chromed, with absolutely no protection before it.

The magnificent styling of the Alfa new Romeo 159 continuous in the hut, with the large skin itself siede, cuts with the plenty of I smell in its project and with the materials, and the Alfa Romeo performance typical Alfa the sporty look using a multitude of large hoop does the number the angled directly to the driver.

The Alfa Romeo 159 is larger of the Alfa 156 replaces. It has a substantially more long wheelbase and much extra breadth. However, we hear that the that packing it efficiency not door the full advantage of the Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts extra length, perhaps because a just find alfa romeo mechanic of the additional dimension of chest fornindo is occupied the protection of pedestrian in an accident.

The breadth of foot of previous-place is limited a little from a wide bracket of center and from the space for the legs in the back is the fine cramped for an automobile in this class of lust. If four adults travel together those in the in front should compromise Alfa Romeo performance serious on that takes what in the manner of space for the legs.

Of altra it leaves, the boot of the Alfa Romeo 159 is determined more large of that of the communicative one 156 and can accept now a luggage of the family.

To hold of road it is typically Italian in its skill. This Alfa Romeo grasps buy used Alfa Romeo 159 the road with the plenty of enthusiasm. It sends some definitive messages across the flying Alfa Romeo tuning resources the driver knows precisely what happens. Despite it is an enough grand' automobile, 159 is happy of change the indication half the angle if has asked to do Alfa Romeo tuning resources.

Some they are able it hear that the walk a find alfa romeo mechanic on the shakes slightly the side on curbed to the rough roads, but the sharp drivers will love the motionless touch and the global courtesy of this Alfa.

Alfa Romeo pushes the its varying to get upset-diesel strong in this model new, with a large one 2.4-litre, five-cylinder, the unity of twin-custom hoods and rims that produces a strong one 400 meters of Newton of torque to 2000 turns/min.

However, our automobiles of test used the engine to gasoline of JTS of 2.2-litre of four-attractive cylinder. In some manners we preferred it to the I get upset-diesel. It could not have the enough grunt as much transparent, but there is certainly something of the silk levigatezza and the practically instantaneous reply of an engine to good gasoline that does it more to interest the sharp driver.

Our automobile of test hesitated frequently when to detach lazes around, she would have called it a flat blot in an old automobile of carburatore. Different from this happy era of to pack and simply enticed in to work in 3000 to 5000 band of grm.

Between the other things, she is able it hear there it is except for the weight above the previous wheels with the gasoline of the diesel. To result in a touch of 'loom' also better that is pleasant to monitor.

To this point only the six-speed manual gearboxes come to Australia in the Alfa 159. This can slow down some sales at first, although fond truths of European go in automobile I am well aware that the manuals are the transmissions of choice and will be in happy Italy col to live does-it-same you the gearbox. The touch of shift is better of middle for a previous automobile of transmission of this measure, but Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts is not positive like we love it.

Not to forget that she can save on the costs of fuel using a manual. Our Alfa of test could enter of race seven to eight liters for centi kilometers align in to run of easy country and on the highways. That it increased to 10 to 11 liters for centi kilometers in to drive hard on the interesting roads and the like figures resulted from bothering suburban and the town guides.

The automatic transmissions, some unity of torque-full convertitore, automate Alfa Romeo performance him manual of other will unite the range above the imminent months.

Another one varying some Alfa Romeo 159 is soon to hit our shores. It will have a 3.2-litre V6 that is done in part to the plant of engine Held in It, and should offer also more to please some 2.2-litre the gasoline we have just withdrew to Alfa Romeo. 3,2 will be united to the push of everything-wheel and use some components of brake of Brembo, therefore the promises of buy used Alfa Romeo 159 to be a packet Alfa Romeo performance bell' and being able.



159 Berlin of four-door of 2.2-litre of JTS - $49.990

159 Berlin of four-door of diesel of 2.4-litre of JTD - $55.990

159 Cart of five-door of 2.2-litre of JTS of Sportwagon - $52.990

159 Cart of five-door of diesel of 2.4-litre of JTD of Sportwagon - $58.990


ABS Restrains: The rule in all of the models

To air the Conditioning: The rule in all of the models

The automatic Transmission: Not dedicated to this point

The Reader of CD: The rule in all of the models

To close central key: The rule in all of the models

To go in crossbrace the Control: The rule in all of the models

The airbag of driver: The rule in all of the models

The airbag of passenger: The rule in all of the models

The previous Airbag of Side: The rule in all of the models

THE DESCRIPTIONS (Alfa Romeo 159 Berlin of four-door of 2.2-litre of JTS)


The capacity: 2,198 liters

The configuration: Four cylinders in the line

To direct the Project: DOHC, four valves for the cylinder

The Relation of compression: 11.3:1

L' bothers/blow: 86,0 x 94.6mm

The greatest Power: 136kW @ 6500 grm

Greatest Torque: 230Nm @ 4500 grm


The Wheels driven: In front

The manual Transmission: You are-speed

The automatic Transmission: Not dedicated

The final Relation of Push: 4.176:1
Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts

THE DIMENSIONS, THE WEIGHT AND THE CAPACITY: Certainty, in the day of the Shakespeare, the romantic tongue was for whatever young one the a lot of article to the woo a heart of the child, that is because the bardo went in for the eyes of to pray and sparkles the spheres rather that ask the heroin if was on for it. It minds to her, the age of idyll is not entirely dead - only the other day I read that almost means the men of the nation have to some time in their life is enchanted itself of an automobile. Unless she has a flight there are certainly limitations puts into practice Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts to the romancing an engine, but I will confess a time having taken very having attached to an Alfa Romeo.

So it seemed taken possession that the first words I have heard when I lit the radio of 159' s came from the largest story of love of all time - Romeo and Juliet. Unlucky, on this occasion there was a touch of irony: Immediately after Romeo the romantic question of what lights down there across the disruptions of window, and the find alfa romeo mechanic of the eyes, the tubes of Juliet on with "OR Romeo, Romeo! The art of Wherefore you Romeo? and that resounded rather my thoughts to the time.

also the booth of pilotaggio, having now the morphed in a hut, lost some of its glamour The development 320 Nm and driving across a six-long speed with legs 'the box (the gears 4, 5 and 6 I am some relations of overdrivi), the unity of JTDM of four-cylinder is capable of some fine stingy runs, how I have uncovered during a journey of journey and long return from Surrey to the Central Regions eastern. When I reached the conjunction 8 of the M25, the computer on board showed a range of 325 miles, but from the time I had reached the crossing of Dartford , driving to a moderate one of 70 ish, the range had advanced to 439 miles. Also after a journey of journey and return of almost 300 miles - thanks to a succession of deviations - the aforementioned range buy used Alfa Romeo 159exceeded nevertheless 180 miles, that I thought was attractive impressing.

OK, therefore I know that that it is not very scientific, but it illustrates the type of factor of feelgood I alternated that Alfa Romeo performance compensates for the scarcity of a signature healthy evocatore, and that, for a lot a lot of drivers, offers more of a buzz of a naturally inhaled V6.

In the absolute limits, 1,9 engine of JTD, with the stick-box corrispondenta, returns 47,1 mpg on the cycle combined and almost 60 mpg on the extra cycle-urban. Also around the town, the automobile is theoretically good for 34,9 mpg.

To 70 miles to the hour in the sixth gear, the engine turns to 2000 grm

A little swifter road from the brand of the gasoline-engined 1,9 JTS, 1,9 JTDM will reach 62 miles to the hour from the dead point in 9,4 seconds, in direction of a speed appraised greatest of 130 miles to the hour. To 70 miles to the hour in the sixth gear, the engine turns to 2000 grm, that is precisely the point of torque of summit, and the acceleration therefore spacious is to carry of hand. More considerably, 90 percento of the torque of summit of the engine is available between 1750 and 3250 grm, that agrees some drivers gotten used to the automobiles of gasoline-engined of to be useful from the I bind wide of torque without altering fundamental their one that the driving style.

To stroll on an all platform-novelty, 159 inherits a version reviewed of the for insufficenza of tests 156 previous suspension allied to an organization of fines-new knitting to the back. Why the new automobile is substantially more long and wider of the automobile that Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts replaces, the suspension should do front to a lot more mass, still the new handling of configuration of to detain the sharp treatment and the direction of precise that hallmarked 156. And the longest wheelbase of 159' s and the wider track improves the quality of walk, helped from improved - I

The Alfa to that I had become Alfa Romeo tuning resources attached was 156, and compared with that masterpiece of I smell of Italian Style and compared with the engineering, 159 hit is myself like a little mild one. It looks at certainly the part, but 1,9 engine of JTDM in the automobile of test robbed it of its spark, and I would be able actual how I was easily behind the wheel of a van of diesel-engined for all the that touched my soul.

I know that Alfa 150 bhp, engine diesel of 4 pot has a lot of merits - that I will touch on short - but the charisma is not one of them, and its emotional ranks of dividend with that of an asciugatrice. Romeos of Alfa are for to run some pulses, doing not count the bean, and all of the electric sheets of calculation in the world I am no match for an Italian one V6 on the song. , THERE it IS certain a 3.2-litre V6 the version of 159, with the technology of law-injection recentissima, but I make one's will still the self-propelled one...Alfa Romeo tuning resources in the meanwhile is a case of art of wherefore you Romeo?

Unlucky, also the booth of pilotaggio, having now the morphed in a hut, lost some of its glamour, and the band coiling than characterized Alfa Romeo tuning resources the sporty nature of 156 was replaced with something that carries the outside functional fun. The booth of pilotaggio of 156' s had an intimacy of it that bred a sense of engagement, since the 159 hut is right that, a hut: functional, comfortable, inclusive also, but mechanic and in apart. And the exterior appearance of 'aluminum' modeled on the catasta of center (the stlll intelligently the angled towards the driver, however) is more vulgar of tecnofilo and decreased from the otherwise sumptuous one, skin-dressed inside of the Luxury of test of automobile.

The length: 4660 millimeters

The wheelbase: 2700 millimeters

The breadth: 1828 millimeters

The height: 1422 millimeters

That the turning Hoop: buy used Alfa Romeo 159 11,1 meters

The Mass of edge of the road: 1490 kg

To feed the Capacity of Tank: 70 liters

Rimorchiare the Capacity: 1500 kg with the trailer restrained


The previous Suspension: High double pass

The back Suspension: You fine-it connects

The in front it Restrains: Diskette aired

The back Restrains: Diskette


0-100 Acceleration of km/h: 8,8 secs

To stand 400 Meters: 16,6 secs


To feed the Type: 95RON of gasoline

To feed the Consumption - the Cycle Combined (ADR 81/01) : 9,4


Three years/100,000km

In fact, these days, this property of Alfa should not lead to too restless nights. The society began to climb recently the listings of customer-satisfaction - declared from Alfa Romeo 159 parts alpha romeo parts the fund rung, and helped until a certain point from the question of the Peugeot of to do the automobiles except for reliable in the world (to that ends, closing their better one that the eseguindo cried to Ryton was a blow of brightness), but also thanks to its range incredible of engines diesel and one It works for More of you are months to the time.

I tried the top-of-the-the range, of four wheel-pushed, 3.2-litre V6 the version. It was an exemplary push: the liquid, comfortable one still monitored, extremely the with an empty stomach one and refined. The boot is approximately the freezer of my division of measure of the refrigerator and the thing weighs a lot how much a roll compressore, but I carried the pleasure to literally a pair of poor, the souls VW-OPPRESSED round off my neck of the woods. It was the mine actual modest strike against the tyranny of all of the platform-dividing the dull individuals German. To forget Sportwagon - "Passionwagon" should do it. s

It is a classic: Alfa Romeo 8C2900

The little society of automobile blessed the world with more attractive automobiles of Alfa Romeo - also Ferrari renounced around and left 20 years does the arcade of the wind goddess its aesthetic.

To carry the 1935 8C2900: more attractive of Venus after a change of image, serves nevertheless from lesson in the perfect proportions for the modern designer. It took from Bentley winning Men of Them Every year from 1931 to 1934 like too notching the other victories on innumerable including the one thousand Miles and numerous Prix Large.

To the time it was the the most swift automobile of production in the world, with 180bhp and a 115 miles to the now superior speed. It was available in in the versions of short and long loom and, above the time, Alfa Romeo performance with 2,3-, 2,6- and 2.9-litre the versions of its directly-eight, its tree twin of engine to car insurance online drawn from Vittorio Jano. Europe 'S the superior buy used Alfa Romeo 159, including Pininfarina and Touring, did the tail on to coil these exceptional mechanic with the succulent body.

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