Thursday, August 23, 2007

2008 Renault Laguna

2008 Renault Laguna2008 Renault Laguna

With elegant styling, impressive handling and ride comfort, and a wide range of top-level petrol and diesel engines, the lead car of the company’s ambitious three-year growth plan, Renault Commitment 2009, promises to cause quite a stir.

Not just in its traditional volume manufacturer hunting ground in the upper-medium segment, but now also taking the challenge to the premium marques too.

One fundamental reason behind Renault’s unequivocal belief in the potential of its new model will become immediately apparent when the covers come off on the stand: its quality. Right from the first initial design stages through to production, the target of New Laguna being in the top three in its segment for product and service quality has been the driving force behind its development.

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