Sunday, August 26, 2007

2009 Dodge Journey crossover

2009 Dodge Journey

Meet the 2009 Dodge Journey, a new crossover from the crosshairs brand that will debut early next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Why the international debut? The 2009 Journey will be an international vehicle, sold both in the U.S. and Canada, as well as markets outside North America. The new Journey is one of those vehicles that wants to look like an SUV, haul stuff like a station wagon and ride like a passenger car.
Known by the code name JC49 for months, the Dodge Journey is actually based on an Avenger chassis with a wheelbase lengthened 4.9 inches. That provides extra room for an optional third-row seat for "occasional use". The Journey also includes some clever features like a large storage bin beneath the front passenger seat cushion, as well as two in-floor bins behind the front seats big enough to carry a 12-pack each and some ice.

Dodge designed the Journey with a traditional crossover look, eschewing the amped up machismo look of many recent Dodge looks. Of course, the monochromatic R/T looks the best, especially wearing 19-inch wheels. The interior of the 2009 Journey is also not traditional Dodge fare. While we can't comment on how the materials feel, it does appear the Journey is sporting new switchgear, and a lot of it. The audio and HVAC controls are a barrage of buttons that could be intimidating to some.

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