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Fiat Nuova 500

Fiat Nuova 500

The New one 500 is one of these. In a hard career 18 years, from 1957 to 1975, precisely 3.893.294 were built, and helped Italian and numerous other European to satisfy a need of the individual mobility that began to earn Fiat Nuova 500 photos and wallpapers the momentum from the first 1950. The New one 500, also more of 600 (1955), carried also the end of the stake of urgency of period-war for the motorization and the car area in Italy , and the beginning of the to force for the comfort, although minimum and economical.

The other articles of the magazine well are done also. The articles of the miniatures dell' AND-TYPE of Jaguar, the edsel, the Fiat Nuova 500, and the vans of Romeo and lights the truck, deserves to to be mentioned. In every article, there are a short story of the vehicles painted with the miniatures, a more well-known than description of miniatures paint the vehicles, and the photography of the miniatures; the articles dell' AND-TYPE, the edsel and 500, contains also the programs in which I am indicating the names of the models, and their numbers of catalog, the staircases and the availability. Out of it has the warehouse of space of plenty. The worse sides are the previous windows do not go all the manner down and the woven on the places can stain easy. Three years on and the automobile nevertheless turns directs

Behind the wheel Behind the wheel appraising - 4 outside 5

The Multipla dealership and parts resembles to no other automobile that she is likely that to to be driven. The speedo sprouts from Fiat Nuova 500 photos and wallpapers the center of the Fiat tuning under a hood, while the gearlever projects outside in lower part. The tunnels of ventilation I am large Fiat tuning that look at almost comic, but there is not to doubt the functionality of the hut like a whole one. The place of the driver fixes for the height electrically. Fiat Multipla - in the hut

To span & the Space of put into practice & put into practice appraising it - 4 outside 5

A lifting of the face could have mitigated the outside of the Multipla dealership and parts, but there is not deny is a fine MPV. The space of load is excellent, specially with everything the three back places removed. The central chair rear doubles on like a tray of picnic, while the middle place previous is exceptional comfortable had to the considerable strap of to the Multipla dealership and parts.

Some automobiles come down in the story for their technological one or in the innovations of styling. The other they deserve to to be remembered for the role that they played in the daily life of a whole generation or a whole country. Little they succeed in combining two: the technology and the feeling. They leave an indelible brand, becoming a species of the icon of their age.

The new one 500 serious D was thrown in the autumn of 1960. The capacity of engine was increased to 499,5 cmc, and this version Fiat Nuova 500 photos and wallpapers inherited the engine of the version of Sport, that was removed the market. It had a gone out of power of 17,5 bhp, a superior speed of 95 km/h and the middle consumption of 4,8 liters/100 km. The automobile was homologated for four persons with 40 kg of luggage. The weight to void increased also to 500 kg (the first one 500 of 1957 weighed 470, and this reflected an important increase of the content and the strongest materials) and 820 kg entirely loaded.

The styling did not change, and the doors were nevertheless depended to the back but the project of the indication of in front and indicating side of changes, adopting those on the Gardener. The back groups light changed and the roof of canvas was now more sturdy, easier to open and a little smaller. The "walls" white are returned on the tires.

The tank on 500 D lost its shape of barrel but remained in the in front; its new shape except for bulky occupied a little one except for space in the boot even though increased in the measure from 20 to 22 liters. A fold-pose the back squab was adopted.

500 F (1965 – 1972)

* THE EXIT: 2.272.000 (including 500 L)

* Spear the price: 475.000 lira

500 F it did its debut in march 1965 (was united from 500 "Luxury" in 1968), and was the first version to Fiat Nuova 500 photos and wallpapers characterize the doors of in front-to depend than were more secure in an accident, and did it possible to hide the ugly hinges of door for the first time. In limits of engineering, the transmission was done stronger, with a number of enhancement to the friction, the trees of push and differential.

The engine had nevertheless a capacity of 499,5 cmc, but delivered now 18 bhp, carrying 500 F to a superior speed of 95 km/h. The consumption of fuel increased compares also to the previous versions, to 5,5 liters/100 km. The weight was drawn to 520 empty kg and 840 km entirely loaded. The automobile maintained its homologation of 4 place, with a greatest one 40 kg of luggage. The negotiable slope was now 26% compared to 23% on the before serious one.

The inside, there were a number of enhancement and additional equipment and the materials. Col 500 F, the Fiat began to differentiate the range from the price, the styling and the content. The engineers to Mirafiori drew a version "fundamental", 500 F, and a better version equipped, 500 "Luxury", that was thrown in 1968.

The plenty of room for you are adult with the individual places. The middle place in the in front is regulated back a little from two exterior places to do it a small easier one for the driver of to reach Fiat Nuova 500 photos and wallpapers some controls on the dashboard and to give a small one more space for the legs to the middle occupante of place. The next sides verticals mean there is the good shoulder and the space where to move itself well for the passengers in the exterior places. ALL of THE Multiplas had the electric windows previous and its spear since electrically adjustable door of mirrors. The elx models the additional control of climate automatic and the electric windows rears. The description of I model back Dinamics was like to SX, while Elegance reflected widely the elx.

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