Thursday, August 16, 2007

2008 Lincoln Navigator

2008 Lincoln Navigator

Ford has made some welcome changes to the Lincoln Navigator for 2008, mostly centered around equipment levels. Former options such as the Power Liftgate, the PowerFold 3rd row seats, THX audio, SIRIUS satellite radio and heated and cooled front seats are now standard equipment. More importantly, a new Monochrome Limited Trim Package (shown above) is available on the '08, and it looks pretty great, actually. Body-color accents are used for the lower grille (yes!), lower cladding (double yes!), and rearview mirrors (trifecta!). The main grille is still an enormous chrome grid, but it looks better now that the additional shine up front has been muted. This package also leaves out the available chrome hood trim that makes some other Navigators excessively garish. Lastly, a rearview camera is available as an option for the first time.

The 2007 Navigator, though derided by many for its clearly over-the-top looks, was a very competent (the fold-flat 3rd row is a huge plus over the Escalade/Denali seating arrangement), quiet, and comfortable luxotruck. For 2008, Ford's changes address many of the complaints while leaving the maximum-bling edition available for those who want it. We'll take a black '08 with the Monochrome Limited package, thanks. Follow the jump for the full (read: very long) press release from Ford.
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