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Dodge Caliber Tuning

Dodge Caliber TuningDodge Caliber Tuning

An Austrian tuner Königseder has no fear in case of its modifications. It can bravely start any tuning of heaviest caliber. So its newest work is a modification of American beauty called Dodge Caliber.

The Dodge Caliber is a project from DaimlerChrysler’s portfolio. It attracts especially with interesting shapes, fastback body and typical Dodge front mask that reminds muscles of American trucks. In Europe we can purchase this vehicle in three various equipments (S, SE, SXT) and with two gasoline and one diesel engine.

The gasoline V4s has 1.8 or 2.0 liters and their made by World Engine in alliance with GEMA (Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance). This alliance includes companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Hyundai Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The weaker 1.8 liter produces 110kW (150hp) at 6500 rpm and 168Nm of torque at 5200rpm.

The 2.0 liter engine is a little bit stronger and it’s able to produce 115kw (157hp) and 190Nm of torque at 5100rpm.

The 4-cylinder turbo diesel has 103kW (140hp) and 310Nm of torque at 1750rpm. It has VGT technology and four valves per cylinder, electronically controlled direct injection of fuel under high pressure (2000 bar). So this improves fuel burning and that causes better performance and fuel economy.

The Caliber is so original and typical Dodge vehicle that there’s no way to make a mistake with another car. And the tuner Königseder put some Austrian elegance to this American beauty.

The mask was changed on the first place. Now it looks less brutal than in the original Dodge. Front bumper is a little bit wiser and there can be front diffusers.

The side line of the vehicle is prettified with side sills that are made of two parts in front and at the back. Same broadening has been used in case of the both bumpers. At the back we can find also a stylish roof spoiler.

Of course, also exhaust tip makes the rear part sportier and more pleasure. So this is a short list of Königseder’s changes made on this car. But there are more modifications for the Dodge caliber to mention.

This Dodge can be closer to the road about 30mm with lowering springs and also with sporting KW shock-absorbers. Its engines have enough power so we need more stability on the road.

But Königseder needs more power, so it can reprogram the ECU and boost the diesel engine to 175hp and 390Nm.

Wheels make the car. So here you can see 8.5x20“ ATS Magnum alloy rims. You can also order a set of tires – Hankook K104 245/35/20.

So this is the end of article about the American beauty. We’ve achieved more info about this car. The beauty can be more beautiful, muscles can be stronger and this all thanks to the company Königseder.
Source: tuningmag

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