Thursday, August 16, 2007

Audi TT - MTM Audi TT 1002 Bhp

Audi TT

Car body Two door Coupé with Recaro Sportseats
Empty weight: 1490 kg
Fuel tank: 82l
Suspension Independent wheel suspension (front and rear) with wishbones and McPherson-transverse control arms
Ventilated Brembo-brake system
Front: 355x32mm (if desired 380mm with 8-piston caliper)
Rear: 323x32mm (if desired 380mm with 8-piston caliper)
Wheel size Tires: 245/35x19" Pirelli on MTM forged rims 8,5x19"
Power transmission Allroad-drive, two six-gear-transmissions (double-coupling-transmission in preparation)
Slipcontrol: electronic controllable (front/rear)
Differential lock: front axle 25% / rear axle 50%
Engines two water-cooled four-cylinder turbo engines, transverse

Performance: 2x430 PS (2x316kW) at 6760 1/min
Torque: 2x510 Nm at 4900 1/min
Piston displacement: 2x1796ccm
Driving performance Top speed: 374 km/h (depending on gearing)
0-100 ca. 3,5s
0-200 ca. 8,9s
0-300 ca. 19,8s (stretch of way: 1099 Meter)
Price prototype 600.000 euro

The pair of tuned 1.8-litre turbo engines each gives 370bhp, helping the bimoto TT see off 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. However, the MTM engineers reckon each of the engines could be uprated to 501bhp - giving a combined power output of, yes, 1002bhp.

MTM says it's planning to build a limited run of 10 cars. No prices as yet, but given the TT's 600,000 Euro development costs we fear it won't be cheap.

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