Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Frankfurt Autoshow: Kia Sport Coupe Concept

Kia Sport Coupe Concept

While there's absolutely no new information to go along with it, a second teaser image of Kia's Frankfurt-bound Sport Coupe Concept has found its way onto the web. Following up the exotic front-end view shown in July, the profile shot above reveals a shape that, at first look, seems less swoopy as we would have expected. The curved roof extends pretty far back before angling back down, making for more practical if less dramatic packaging for the 2+2. A pronounced shoulder over the rear wheel hints at muscle, though we have no idea what the powertrain in this concept consists of yet. The design study is said to offer a window into Kia's design future, and we're curious to see what this thing looks like when all the shadows are gone and it's basking under the lights on the IAA show floor.
Source: autoblog

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