Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Porsche Cayman S Edition 1 - Limited Edition

Porsche Cayman S EditionPorsche Cayman S Edition

Engine : 3.4L 6 cylinder
Transmission : 6-speed, manual
Max speed : 171 mph
0-60 mph : 5.4 seconds
Horsepower : 295 hp @ 6250 rpm

The Porsche Cayman S 'Porsche Design Edition 1' is a limited edition all-black version of the Cayman S. Only 777 will be built.

Porsche and their internal Porsche Design Studio are launching a limited run of Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1 coupes in a stealth black exterior which pay tribute to both Porsche Design and their original Chronograph 1 timepiece.

For a slightly more sinister look, the Cayman S Edition 1 receives 10mm lowered suspension, 5 mm wheel spacers with 19-inch wheels from the 911 Turbo. And as a last touch of exclusivity, don't forget the Porsche Design Edition 1 decals on the hood and doors as well as name plate on the glove box identifying the limited edition production number.

The market launch of this black Cayman with exclusive Porsche Design equipment, including briefcase, will begin in Germany in November 2007 and in the United States in January 2008. The base price is 58,600 Euros and, factoring in 19 percent value-added tax, the price in Germany will be 69,942 Euros.

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